Sunday, May 18, 2014


I didn't say much about my Mother's Day because my day ended up being devoted to Lo's first birthday, which was totally fine with me.  Loyal did walk in Saturday afternoon with the most beautiful arrangement of flowers.  He really covered all the bases with these.  Roses, lillys, sunflowers, carnations, daisys and so many more.  They were arranged so beautifully and as soon as I saw them, I knew that these weren't something he just grabbed off the shelf.  They really were stunning.  Anyway, as I was saying, Sunday was all about Lo.  The day just took off as soon as we woke up and didn't slow down for a second.  Well maybe there was one tiny second that it did.

We stopped for lunch on our way to the zoo.  We were in a big hurry so it was really just one of those "eat and run" type of lunches.  Not much time to enjoy it.  Lo was feeling pretty spunky as he sat beside me eating his Cheerios and looking around at all the people around us.  The patio kept catching his attention in particular.  And right then, as I was rushing through my meal, something stopped me dead in my tracks.  Lo grabbed my shoulder with his tiny little hand, looked me straight in the eye and said "mama."  Followed by a whole 'lotta mum-mum-mum-mum-mum's, all while holding my attention so closely.  He has said mama just a couple times before and not necessarily to me each time.  But this time was so different.  Maybe it was the touch?  I mean, this was one of those moments that makes 30 seconds feel like 5 minutes.  One of those moments that becomes the very best Mother's Day gift that money could never buy.


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