Tuesday, February 11, 2014

9 Months

Happy 9 months to my little babe today!  Gosh, time sure is flying by.  We went to the doctor yesterday for a check up.  He weighs 17 lbs 10 oz (25%) and 28in in length (92%).  Apparently the growth spurt he just had was all in length!  This little guy is long and lean, that's for sure.  The doctor gave us free rein with food so he can now eat anything that we eat.  Eggs, pancakes, cheese, pasta, soup, quesadillas...
Up until yesterday he had pretty much only had fruits and vegetables.  I went to the store after we left, which was nothing short of a nightmare thanks to a call for snow.  It's crazy when you walk in (holding a baby) and there is not one available cart. So we had to wait for someone to come out that had enough bags that they could carry and give me their cart.  Geez.  Anyway, we got a bunch of good stuff!  Pasta, waffles, mac n cheese, yogurt and a couple other things.  I plan on keeping things very well balanced so if I give him pancakes for breakfast it will definitely have more fruit than pancake.  I will give him what we eat for dinner so hopefully that will keep us on track eating healthy as well.

Sleep:  the past 3 nights he has slept through the ENTIRE NIGHT.  7:30pm-7:30am!!!  I was just starting to think this day would never come!  I'll tell you, the sleep thing has been a pretty consistent nightmare since about 4 months so this new change was definitely welcomed.

Teeth: still 2 on the bottom and one on top.  The second top front should be through any day now.

And lastly, here are some pics I found in my camera.
These last couple pictures were from this past weekend when the weather was beautiful.  We are so ready for spring.


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