Monday, January 27, 2014

Cupcakes and breakfast

Last Friday was the opening of Sprinkles so the babe and I were there bright and early to get some greatly anticipated cupcakes!
The cupcakes were pretty good!  We got vanilla, pumpkin, german chocolate and dark chocolate.  I would have to say that the pumpkin was my favorite with the german chocolate a close second.  After we left Sprinkles, I got to have breakfast with these two bedheads.
Seriously, this kid is always selfie ready.
We went to Buttermilk Kitchen and wow, it was amazing.  The food was sooo good and the place was just so cute!  They served water in mason jars which really made my morning.

The only thing this place was missing was a beach out front but hey, you can't please everyone. :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pesto Chicken Pizza

Last Friday we continued our new "Pizza Friday" ritual.  I feel like I say this every week but this one was so good!  By far the best!  We usually use the whole wheat crust but this time we tried thin crust.  It was excellent, especially for this particular pizza.
Pesto, diced grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms, onions and spinach.  Topped with queso cheese from last week.
We just about ate that entire pizza in one night!
Happy Friday!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Pizza Friday's

Two weeks ago, we were in the mood for pizza but didn't feel like ordering one.  I figured I would take the healthier route and make one myself.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was so good!!  I think our entire conversation at the dinner table consisted of pizza.  "We should do this every Friday."  "What pizza should we make next?"  "Gosh, I don't think I can wait all week to eat this again."  "OMG MEXICAN PIZZA!!!"  So on, and so on.  Anyway, that's pretty much how we came about "Pizza Friday's" and we look forward to it every week.
The first week we did diced grilled chicken, tomato and mozzarella with fresh mushrooms and drizzled balsamic.
The next week we had chicken fajita pizza:
  Sautéed peppers and onions, sliced grilled chicken with a little bit of rotel and about a 1/2 cup of quesadilla queso cheese.  I topped it with fresh quacamole {avacoado, onion, tomato, lime & seasoning}.
I usually use leftover grilled chicken for these, just so it's a little easier, faster and that way we don't end up wasting the chicken.  Tonight we are doing a pesto pizza and I am pretty pumped about it!  I'll be back next week to share!   

Thursday, January 16, 2014

8 Month update

I can not believe my little man is 8 months old now.  It's crazy how fast it has gone by.  I figured I would do an update since I took such a long break from blogging.  He can sit up on his own now and he is officially crawling.  Both happened at about 7.5 months.  I tried to practice with him every day but he was more interesting in launching towards the toys so I just kind of left it alone.  All of the sudden one day, I walked in and he was sitting in his crib on his own.  The rest was history.  About the same time is when he really got the crawling down.  Before that it was a lot of scooting, rolling, army crawling, etc.  Pretty much anything to get to what he wanted.
About 2 days after he started crawling, he figured out that he can pull himself up.  That is a nightmare.  He LOVES pulling himself up on the coffee table which is where I keep everything that he can't have.  Like the remote, which he is OBSESSED with.  His favorite thing is to crawl over to him and pull himself up so that Daddy will pick him up.  He loves his Daddy.  He has 2 teeth, bottom front, which he got at 5 months but nothing since.  So far he has tried banana, apples, mango, peaches, sweet potato, carrots, green beans, peas, zucchini, squash and we just started turkey.  He naps twice a day, anywhere from 1-1.5 hours per nap.  He has started saying "mama" but it sounds more like Emma.  He is infatuated with the dogs.  When he is in his walker and they come in the kitchen he squeals really loud and charges towards them.  He likes to trap them under the kitchen table too.  Poor dogs.  He gets into everything he can.  Sometimes I don't even know how he finds some of the things he does and it's insane how determined that little boy can get when he sees something he's not supposed to have.  One day I turned around and caught him red handed with my markers.
He is honestly so much fun right now.  I love being able to spend every day with him.  I am so excited for what's to come but for right now, I will continue to soak up every bit of this fun stage.

I guess I will give you guys an update on us too while we're at it.  We are still in Atlanta, yes STILL.  I can not believe it.  My husband started this project last April and we never expected to still be here.  We are hoping to be done in February but we aren't sure.  Just wishful thinking at this point.  We still have our house in New Orleans and are dying to get down there.  While I love being able to spend so much time with my family and friends in Atlanta, I am ready to make our house a home.  I really miss traveling with Loyal.  It was just us and our little family and you always had that feeling that everything would be ok because we had each other.  I really look forward to having that again.  I also look forward to warmer weather and beach trips.  I am so ready for summer.        

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Looking back on 2013

Nothing like starting the new year off behind!  This happens every year.  I make resolutions with every intention of keeping up with them, and then never start them.  Womp womp.  This year though, I really hope to change that.  A fresh start, if you will.  I decided on Sunday that I would start my new year over on Monday {which got pushed back to today, go figure}, but hey better late than never!  I definitely want to blog more this year.  I will admit that I have been seriously slacking recently!  I want to get back into cooking & baking, something that I really miss.  I have set some goals for myself that I plan on accomplishing.  I want to travel more, cross a few things off my bucket list, work out more, etc etc.  Those things seem doable enough, right?  We'll see.
As I look back on last year, we hit some major milestones and made some fantastic memories in the meantime.  2013 was so good to us. 
We started off the year in New Jersey which was extremely cold and boring but we got to see some really cool stuff.
Cake Boss bakery in Hoboken, N.J.
Our first house, tour here
Our first baby born May 11th.  Birth Story
Savannah, G.A. where we got engaged
Destin, F.L. First beach trip here and here
Hubby's birthday, this was a good one!
New Year's Eve!

So here's to another great year and more pictures, hopefully!


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