Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Last weekend was a great one.  On Saturday, my mom and I decided to skip the market and go down to Buckhead to have lunch with my sister.  When we got to her house, I had to feed the babe and change him. I set him down on the bed and that boy rolled over twice! 2 complete roll overs, like a champ!  We had been working on it but arms kept getting in the way.  After the roll over party, we braced the rain and headed out to lunch.
Oh, this caesar was so goooooood. After taking almost a year off while I was pregnant, this salad hit the spot. So did the sandwich that I slammed before I could even get a picture.  Big thanks to aunt Kel and Grammy for letting this mama eat an entire meal babe-less!
After lunch we went over to Anthropology for a little shopping, which happened to be when the monsoon hit. I didn't mind a bit because they had PUPS there!!!!  It was pet adoption day, WITH snacks!
Between the sweet little pit mix and the mugs, I was in heaven.

Saturday night was our family night out. Sushi, for the second time this week. Just catching up on all of the foods that get neglected during pregnancy, such a shame to go so long without.

Sunday was a big day for my little fam. We spent the entire day out and about, making purchases for our house. We got little man all of his furniture for the nursery, which is now sitting in boxes in my moms house. Oh, we are so ready to get down to New Orleans and start setting up.  I just have a couple more small items left to get before his nursery is done. Super exciting.
But, the highlight of the day was making this handsome fella ours! It's going in the dining room...which I just might end up sleeping in if this is what I'll be looking up at. :)
Happy Anniversary to us!


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