Saturday, September 7, 2013

Family Beach Trip: Destin {Part 1}

It has been so long since Loyal and I have been on vacation.  A real vacation that is.  An entire weekend designated to relaxing is what we desperately needed so for Labor Day we went down to Destin for some much needed R&R.
We were there from Friday to Tuesday.  The drive down took a little longer than expected, which always seems to happen on the way there.  Once we got in town and got everything unloaded, we had just enough time to grab something to eat before little Loyal had to go to bed.  We were pretty exhausted ourselves so we didn't mind the early bedtime.
One thing my husband and I have always loved was going out to breakfast.  I'll tell you, it seems like ages since the last time we did that.  Saturday morning couldn't come quick enough.  Didn't even change the babe out of his pj's before we were out the door.

This little guy was quite the handful in the morning.  My husband and I played the "scarf down as much as you can in 3 minutes while the other one holds the baby, then switch" game.  Breakfast was still good despite the leaping lizard.  I swear, this boy is going to be hell on wheels once he's mobile.

After breakfast it was a race to get home for our first beach day! 
That beautiful beach was calling our name the second we were in the door.  We couldn't wait to show him the beach!
Poor little guy didn't last long before he was sound asleep.  Wouldn't it be nice to nap on the beach every day?!

After dinner we took a walk with the babe.  The evening turned a little overcast which made for the perfect weather.



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