Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Festival

Growing up, we always went to the Fall Festival in my home town.  Every year.  There were some years that I was in the parade and other years that I just went to watch and eat the candy that they throw.   Either way, it was always a good time.  My mom and I took the baby this year and it definitely brought back a ton of memories.  We decided to skip the parade because I was afraid that the loud noises would most likely scare the little guy.  I did get a quick peak of the parade and got chills when the military got a standing ovation as they passed.  My mom and I walked around, browsed all of the booths and of course, indulged in some festival food.  How could you not? 
^ This John Deere was churning ice cream!
^This beauty came home with me!  Picnic anyone?
Not one for nick-nacks, but these were so cute!
I knew King of Pops was going to be there so I had to have one.  I went with Coconut Banana Orange this time.  Ok but not as good as Chocolate Sea Salt.

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