Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Festival

Growing up, we always went to the Fall Festival in my home town.  Every year.  There were some years that I was in the parade and other years that I just went to watch and eat the candy that they throw.   Either way, it was always a good time.  My mom and I took the baby this year and it definitely brought back a ton of memories.  We decided to skip the parade because I was afraid that the loud noises would most likely scare the little guy.  I did get a quick peak of the parade and got chills when the military got a standing ovation as they passed.  My mom and I walked around, browsed all of the booths and of course, indulged in some festival food.  How could you not? 
^ This John Deere was churning ice cream!
^This beauty came home with me!  Picnic anyone?
Not one for nick-nacks, but these were so cute!
I knew King of Pops was going to be there so I had to have one.  I went with Coconut Banana Orange this time.  Ok but not as good as Chocolate Sea Salt.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Last weekend was a great one.  On Saturday, my mom and I decided to skip the market and go down to Buckhead to have lunch with my sister.  When we got to her house, I had to feed the babe and change him. I set him down on the bed and that boy rolled over twice! 2 complete roll overs, like a champ!  We had been working on it but arms kept getting in the way.  After the roll over party, we braced the rain and headed out to lunch.
Oh, this caesar was so goooooood. After taking almost a year off while I was pregnant, this salad hit the spot. So did the sandwich that I slammed before I could even get a picture.  Big thanks to aunt Kel and Grammy for letting this mama eat an entire meal babe-less!
After lunch we went over to Anthropology for a little shopping, which happened to be when the monsoon hit. I didn't mind a bit because they had PUPS there!!!!  It was pet adoption day, WITH snacks!
Between the sweet little pit mix and the mugs, I was in heaven.

Saturday night was our family night out. Sushi, for the second time this week. Just catching up on all of the foods that get neglected during pregnancy, such a shame to go so long without.

Sunday was a big day for my little fam. We spent the entire day out and about, making purchases for our house. We got little man all of his furniture for the nursery, which is now sitting in boxes in my moms house. Oh, we are so ready to get down to New Orleans and start setting up.  I just have a couple more small items left to get before his nursery is done. Super exciting.
But, the highlight of the day was making this handsome fella ours! It's going in the dining room...which I just might end up sleeping in if this is what I'll be looking up at. :)
Happy Anniversary to us!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Some days are just emotional

You know, some days just are.  Some days are amazing, most actually. But then some days can be pretty rough.  Like yesterday, for example. I have no idea what was going on yesterday. From the moment we got up until the moment we went to bed it was just one of those days that left me completely exhausted. There weren't many smiles, wasn't much sleeping and a lot of tears (from both of us) which, in my opinion, is a recipe for disaster.  It's hard sometimes you know. It's like you try so hard to be a good mom and when your baby is fussy and crying so much and having a bad day, you kinda do too. It's days like yesterday that I realize how important nap schedules can be. Usually he naps in his swing twice a day. I have been trying to transition the naps into his crib so that all sleeping is done in the same place. It took me almost an hour to get him to sleep, he just wouldn't go down. Eventually I just started crying too and I gave in and nursed him to sleep.  All of this and he only slept for 40 minutes.  I was so mentally and physically exhausted and to make matters even worse, this was all before noon.  The rest of the day continued accordingly and when I finally hit the sheets, it was a beautiful thing. Some days are just emotional and all you can do is count down until that day is over and hope for a better day tomorrow, which today has proven to be.  We woke up to a new day.  Today is one of those days that I absolutely love spending all day with my baby.  I appreciate every single moment with him, even the bad ones.  I love lying on the blanket outside, watching the clouds pass.  I love when he reaches up to touch my face when he is nursing.  I love to hear him laugh when I tickle him.  I love how sweet he is when he wakes up from his nap and stretches.  I love when I catch him gazing at me.  He looks me straight in the eyes and gives me the most adorable bashful little smile.
Love continues to amaze me in a way that I never thought possible.  There are so many moments where I get so wrapped up in the love that I feel for him that I could cry.  Some days are just that emotional. :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tomato Zucchini Salad

1 cup orzo
2 cups cherry tomatoes
1 green zucchini
1 yellow zucchini
crumbled feta cheese
salt & pepper
Italian Seasoning
Cook orzo according to directions on the box.  Let cool completely before adding other ingredients.  Dice cherry tomatoes, add salt & pepper and set aside.  Dice green and yellow zucchini and sauté until cooked.  I like mine a little crunchy still.  Mix together orzo, tomatoes and zucchini.  Add Italian seasoning to taste.  Mix in feta just before serving.  I used cracked black pepper feta and it was so good in this dish!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Farmer's Market

I had never been to a farmer's market and they have one at the park by my moms house every Saturday.  The weather was so nice this past weekend so my mom and I decided to check it out.  It was pretty small but after walking through, I have decided that I am hooked!!!
They had so much stuff.  Fruits, veggies, herbs, plants, flowers, soaps, BBQ squace {which we got 4 bottles of} and POPSICLES!!  King of Pops was there and I decided to try my first one.  Chocolate Sea Salt.  Safe to say I'm now hooked on those too.  Delish! 
After about an hour and half, our sleepy little boy woke up and was ready to eat.  I was obviously a rooky because as every else was setting up their blankets in the shade on the lawn, we were getting in the car to leave. :(
Next Saturday we will be armed with baskets & blankets, trust me.
Now what to make with all of this...


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Family Beach Trip: Destin {Part 2}

We woke up Sunday morning and decided to eat breakfast at home (I say home because it felt like home and we were ready to stay forever).  So, breakfast at home is what we did, followed by a morning walk on the beach.
I was so excited to go for a walk on the beach.  Usually, vacations consist of sleeping in as much as possible but now that we have a baby, sleeping in was very quickly considered a thing of the past.
Loyal was so great with the baby.  He took him into the pool every time.  He was so gentle with him, walked him around, put his sunglasses on when it was to bright for him and was just so sweet with him. 
After a day at the pool, we had a casual night of pizza and a walk around the Village at Baytowne Wharf talking about how awesome it would to just stay forever.
He was obviously ready to call the beach home too. :) 

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