Monday, August 12, 2013

2 Month Update

I feel like I have been really busy the past couple of weeks but then again, every day feels the same. We wake up at the same time every day and do the same 2 hour routine of eat, play, be cranky and nap {if I'm lucky} until its time for bed. Sometimes I throw a couple errands into the mix which usually consists of the grocery store or something equally as boring.  With that being said, I obviously haven't posted in a while and I am pretty behind on his 2 month update {and now 3}.  Oh well.
At his 2 month check up his stats were:
Weight 12 lbs 3 oz {75%}
Height 23 1/2" {50-75%}
Head 15.65 {50%}

And of course it was time for our first round of shots. I felt terrible because the doctors appointment fell during the time that he usually taking his morning nap. I could tell that he was super tired but still being so sweet, laughing and flirting with the nurses. Then all of the sudden the giggles were over the second he got stuck in the leg. His face turned bright red and he started screaming. That only lasted for the couple of seconds it took the nurse to finish up.  I picked him up and his screams turned into a whimper which was honestly worse than the screaming. He just looked so sad. I held him tight and he was asleep in less than 2 minutes, thank goodness.
That was it though. He wasn't really fussy or anything.  Everything was pretty much back to normal once we got home, until we had to rip those Band-Aids off. :)

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