Monday, June 3, 2013

Savannah Trip

This past weekend we took a super quick trip to Savannah for one of my best friends wedding.  The wedding was on Saturday and with work and the baby, we decided to just go down for one night.  Savannah's only 4 hours from us so I figured that it would be a pretty easy overnight trip without too much that could go wrong.  Being a little nervous about our first mini vacay, I strategically planned everything out and of course, everything could not have possibly gone any more wrong.
The wedding was at 5pm so we decided that we would wake up, get ready and get on the road without rushing.  We ended up leaving at about 10am, which was perfect.  We would have plenty of time to get there and grab something to eat, maybe walk around a little bit, before we had to be at the wedding.  I planned that we would stop for lunch at noon, about 2 hours into the trip.  This way we could eat and I could feed the baby too.  That was a great plan until we hit a ton of traffic about 20 minutes after we left the house.  It ended up taking us over 2 hours to get through downtown, when it should have only taken us 20 minutes at the most.  So, 2 hours in, the baby is now screaming in the back because he's hungry and instead of nursing him like I had planned, the only other option was to use one of the bottles I brought for the wedding that is in the cooler on ice.  We were in dead stopped traffic, couldn't get off the interstate to find somewhere to warm the bottle and the baby is still screaming.  Loyal ended up attempting to warm the bottle in the sun on the dash and I'm now starting to panic.  I frantically start searching the internet to see if you can give a baby cold breast milk while I'm leaning over the seat trying to keep the paci in his mouth.  Eventually I go diving head first over my seat into the back, which basically ended with me in a headstand in the backseat.  I gave him the bottle, he stopped screaming and everyone finally calmed down.  Once he ate, he was perfectly fine.  We got out of the traffic and finally started moving again.  Because of the set back, we would now get to Savannah an hour before the wedding.  Loyal and I were starving, my boobs were engorged since I didn't nurse and we were quickly running out of time.  On our next gas stop we grabbed fast food and some batteries so I could pump in the car.  We were not off to a very good start. 
We made it to Savannah with just enough time to unload the car, change our clothes and feed the baby again before the wedding.  We managed to get those things done and as soon as it was time to walk out the door, the baby starts screaming again.  Panic #2.  In the attempt to calm him down we left with the breast pump bag instead of the diaper bag so Loyal had to run back in and swap those out.  Keep in mind that I'm not supposed to be doing much activity yet, so at 5:00 the wedding should be starting and here I am running through Savannah with a stroller and my full butt underwear, that I still have to wear, giving me wedgies every 5 seconds.  Talk about a nightmare at this point.  My friend is soooo sweet and waited to start until we got there but I still felt like the worst guests ever.  So embarrassing.  Luckily, the baby fell asleep in transit and stayed asleep throughout the wedding.  Thank god.
The wedding was lovely and so intimate under the beautiful trees of Savannah. 
When the wedding was over, we walked to the restaurant.  This time we didn't have to rush and the walk was really nice.  On the way was the square that we got engaged at so we stopped for some pics.
At the reception we had about and hour or two of some nice and quiet non-screaming baby time until our little monster decided it was time to wake up and let himself be known.  After that, Loyal and I traded off holding him over in the corner while the other scarfed down 4 or 5 bites of food at the time before we would switch.
Once the music got turned up and the shots were ordered, it was time for us to go so we could put the baby down.  Oh how our lives have changed.  Even though we couldn't stay and have fun doing shots with everyone, I am so glad that we got to be there for such a special part of their lives.  
The next morning we went out for breakfast and walked around River Street a little before heading home.
I think the next trip we'll try flying.

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  1. Well, you guys have been officially christened as parents! Congratulations! ;) LOVE!


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