Friday, June 7, 2013

one-armed super mom

I spend all day with my sweet little boy and then just like clockwork, he turns into a cranky little monster for about 2 hours.
I can see it in his face that he is just tired and cranky. He will kick and scream and cry until I pick him up. He's fine once he's in my arms. He'll even asleep. But once I put him down, he's a screaming monster again. So every night I find my self carrying on with the things I need to do...laundry, dishes, dinner, feeding the dogs...all with one arm while I surrender my other to holding him. This usually goes on for about two hours or so.  Some nights more, some nights less. Need a visual?  Here we go...

We start with screaming.
After some shhhhh's and a few sways, he calms down. 
Then the lids get heavy and he's off to sleep.
I sneak him into his crib where he sleeps.  For 5 minutes. 
And then we're right back to step 1. 
{repeat 15 times}
And then at some point I will eventually get sick of the crying routine, give him a bath, feed him and like magic, he will lay in his crib peacefully until he falls asleep. 
And THAT is when I get my sweet little boy back. :) 

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