Friday, May 10, 2013

week 41

Week 41
so the eggplant didn't work.  that was a bummer.  looked like i would be going to my doctor's appointment on tuesday, 3 days after my due date.  i was really hoping to not make it until the doctor's appointment, but i did.  at the appointment, my doctor said that my cervix had not progressed since the week before so based on that, i decided not to have her strip my membranes.  i figured that since i hadn't progressed, i didn't feel like going through the pain if it wasn't going to work.  instead, we set a date to be induced.  

monday. may 13, 2013.

i guess that will be his birth day.  unless he comes early, which i am not counting on.  leaving the doctor's office, i felt a little weird about what happened.  i was still not happy about having to be induced and for some reason i wasn't happy about it being on monday.  one day after mothers day kinda sucks but oh well.
total weight gain: 23 lbs
(same as last appointment)
today  is friday and i had another doctor's appointment.  since i was past my due date, they wanted me to go in for fetal monitoring.  they hooked me up to the machine and strapped 2 belts around my belly, one for his heart beat and the other for contractions.
i was hooked up for 20 minutes and his heart beat was great and i actually had a couple contractions.  the contractions were pretty minor so i'm not going to get my hopes up about it like i did the eggplant.  so i guess from here we just wait until monday.  

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