Tuesday, May 21, 2013

oh hello belly button!

Yesterday was a big day for us!  I needed to run to Target and was itching to get out of the house so I ventured out with the little babe all by myself for the first time!  I was a little nervous at first and barely went over the speed limit, lol.  Baby Loyal did great.  He fist pumped for the 5 minutes and then was out for the rest of the trip.
I never realized how much I ram the cart into literally everything until I had a sleeping baby in the cart.  Whoops.
Later in the day I went to change him and realized his little belly button fell off!  I was super excited because this meant I could give him a real bath!!!
Side note: this was right after he used the bathroom all over both of us while I was changing him.  Not fun.
Now for the fun part...his first bath!
He did so good.  He started to cry for 2 seconds right when I put him in but stopped as soon as I started bathing him.  He looked so sweet in his little tub!  After we were done with the bath, someone got a little hungry and started making inappropriate gestures so picture time was over.
Yay for a good day! 


  1. So precious Nicole! I'm so glad your first outing together was successful. Andddd yay for bathtime! I can't wait for more stories.

  2. Do you have socks on his hands? That is such a good idea.


    1. Yes! We bought mittens from Carter's and they come off so easily. This was the only thing that worked!


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