Sunday, May 19, 2013

my first week as a mommy!

Where do is even start?!  I feel like this past week has been one of the longest but at the same time, I feel like it has flown right by.  I guess I will start with saying that I am so surprised by how natural this feels.  I have never been around babies much and especially not infants or newborns.  Whenever I was around babies or even children I would start to panic on the inside and try my best to cover it up on the outside.  I never knew what to do or what to say and felt so stupid trying to figure it out in 2 seconds.  I felt so uncomfortable, nervous and all around insecure around children.  The second I had Loyal(the baby, not my husband...this name thing is still so weird), that all went away.  I didn't even have to think of what to do or what to say.  I just held so close to me in my arms and fell in love with him immediately.  Ok, now I have tears in my eyes, you?  Either way, I have never felt so calm and comfortable with something so unfamiliar.  Leaving the hospital, changing diaper, nursing, burping...all of it.  The only thing that gets me a little sweaty is putting his shirts over his head.  Is he going to suffocate???  Other than that, everything is perfect.  I love being his mom.
I have spent this past week soaking up everything about him.  He is so sweet and hardly ever cries.  He is such a good little sleeper so I have actually been able to get good rest (let's hope it stays this way!).  His face is so expressive and one of my favorite things is waking him up.  He is just so sleepy and sweet, I die every time!  I love getting to know him and figuring out the things he loves.

 Ready to go home and begin our life as 3.
He loves staring at the black and white images during eye stimulation.
These faces!
He always sleeps with his arms up.
He loves his tongue.  It's always out!
He loves to snuggle his mommy. Or maybe mommy loves to snuggle him!


  1. He makes the cutest faces :) and I am happy to hear that being a mommy comes naturally! Babies grow too fast.. so be sure to capture all the moments.

    1. Aww thank you!! I could stare at his face all day!


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