Wednesday, May 1, 2013


i am so excited to finally share this post!  i have been wanting to do it for a while now and finally got all of the components together.  i have decided to put off my 'house tour' post until tomorrow to do this one instead, so you'll have to check back for that!
behind the name...
we are naming our son loyal.
no, he will not be loyal jr.  he will be the fourth!
Loyal Vern Hoover IV
i really like unique names and i have always loved my husbands name so i definitely was not opposed to naming our son loyal.  i knew that it meant a lot to not only him, but his family as well and i think that makes it all the more special.
when we went to new orleans for christmas last year, we went to visit loyal's grandmother so that we could tell her that we were going to carry on the name.  the first loyal started with her husband, loyal's grandfather.  when we were there, she told me how the name started.  her mother-in-law had a friend with a little boy named loyal.  not even pregnant at the time, she said that if she ever had a boy she would name him loyal.  and that she did. :)
i immediately fell in love with the story and could not be more proud to carry on the name.  i was so glad that we were able to share such a special moment with her.
me and loyal with his grandmother on the left and her with the loyal's on the right.
loyal's grandfather.  the joseph got dropped somewhere along the way.
the picture on the right is from high school.
loyal's grandparents
loyal's birth announcement that his mom put in the paper
i did a post last summer about 2 new necklaces that i got.  i got them right before i found out i was pregnant. one is engraved with my husbands name and the other i never got engraved, with the intention of putting my daughter or son's initial on it, whenever that time came.  a couple of weeks ago, i contacted the girl that i bought them from and asked her to engrave the one that was blank.  now that they are complete, i can not explain how obbsessed i am with them!  might not ever take them off ;)
original post here
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  1. Love the name!! Best of luck!

  2. I remembered this blog post awhile ago and I dug around for it because I love this bar necklace! Do you remember what length each were? Because I have a dogeared necklace that I wear all the time that is a tiny padlock that I want to fit above the bar! Kind of like the set up you have here :)


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