Monday, May 6, 2013

eggplant update

well it looks like the eggplant didn't work for me. what a bummer, i really thought it would have.  i had 2 servings of it the first day and then another serving yesterday for lunch.  6:30 pm will be exactly 48 hours and nothing. NOTHING! no contractions, not even an increase in braxton hicks.  i do feel like my body is progressing but slowly, very very slowly. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so i guess i will find something out then. at my last appointment they said that if i made it to tuesday (which i imagine i will at this point) they would strip my membranes to hopefully induce labor on its own. i really hope it works because it sounds painful and i don't care to go through that for nothing, like the 3 plates of eggplant. i also imagine that we will be setting a tentative date for induction in the case that the membrane thing falls through. so i guess that means that i will be picking his birthday?! ahhh, that gives me anxiety for some reason. such a big decision. anyway, here's a pick before i go and sit on the couch and continue to wait for this stubborn little boy to come out. 


  1. You haven't posted in a while... does that mean your little boy has arrived?! I know what you mean about feeling anxious about choosing a birth date. My little boy was breech so we had a c-section. We scheduled it for 24 January, but he decided that HE was going to pick his birth date and I went into labour on the 21st. He was born via c-section on the 22nd. SUCH an exciting time... enjoy every minute!

    1. I wish but no, unfortunately he is not here yet. Babies are obviously on their own time! ;)


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