Saturday, May 4, 2013

eggplant parmigiana

i've heard about all of the myths that induce labor but it seems that eggplant is one of the most sworn by.  i didn't really have much of an interest in eating eggplant, mostly because the one time i tried it i hated it. other than that, i just wasn't ready.  well now i am and even more than that, i am so intrigued to see if this actually works. today is my due date so i figured there is no better day than today to give it a try.  there is a place in atlanta that is known for their legendary eggplant parmigiana.  according to the legend, you will deliver within 48 hours of eating it. so, i had my first plate tonight at 6:30.
my mom picked up all of the stuff last night.  i think she was more excited than i was because she woke me up at 9am to tell me we had to make the eggplant today. woah, not for breakfast geez!  it was fairly easy to make and much to my surprise, it wasn't that bad!
i ate everything on my plate and plan on having seconds as soon as i'm done writing this post. if the legend works i should have him by 6:30 monday evening. wish me luck!

ps - my family started placing bets as to when i would deliver.
my bet is on tomorrow ;) 

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