Friday, May 31, 2013

2 week checkup

{only a week late}
We went to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon for little baby's two week checkup. Everything looked good, sounded good and big boy has grown an inch and not only gained his birth weight back, but an extra pound on top!  He now weighs 9 pounds 4 ounces and measures 21 inches.  While we were waiting on the doctor, he was so fascinated with the lights.
So far, things are going pretty good.  He sleeps really well at night and only wakes me up twice to feed him.  Luckily, I seem to be getting sleep, which was not expected.  Everyone tells us that we will pay our dues at some point. 
During the day he definitely keeps me busy making up for not eating over night.  He eats every 2-3 hours during the day.  I nurse him for 15 minutes on each side and once you add in burping and changing him since he poops every time I feed him, I end up nursing about every other hour.  That gives me an hour window at a time to get any and everything done.  I try my best to get it all done but some things (like showering) somehow don't happen (like for the entire week). Oh well.  
I have been super busy this week, running around trying to get ready to go out of town on Saturday. One of my best friends is getting married in Savannah and we are so excited to take the little one on his first trip!  We are only staying for one night so hopefully everything will go well.  For those that don't know, Loyal and I got engaged in Savannah and haven't been back since.  Can't wait to visit that special spot again, except this time we'll have the sweet little babe with us!
Side note: Before we left for Savannah, I remember picking the perfect red nail polish "just in case" we got engaged.  I just realized that I coincidentally chose the same color red for my nails this time.  Brings back memories. :) 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

oh hello belly button!

Yesterday was a big day for us!  I needed to run to Target and was itching to get out of the house so I ventured out with the little babe all by myself for the first time!  I was a little nervous at first and barely went over the speed limit, lol.  Baby Loyal did great.  He fist pumped for the 5 minutes and then was out for the rest of the trip.
I never realized how much I ram the cart into literally everything until I had a sleeping baby in the cart.  Whoops.
Later in the day I went to change him and realized his little belly button fell off!  I was super excited because this meant I could give him a real bath!!!
Side note: this was right after he used the bathroom all over both of us while I was changing him.  Not fun.
Now for the fun part...his first bath!
He did so good.  He started to cry for 2 seconds right when I put him in but stopped as soon as I started bathing him.  He looked so sweet in his little tub!  After we were done with the bath, someone got a little hungry and started making inappropriate gestures so picture time was over.
Yay for a good day! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

my first week as a mommy!

Where do is even start?!  I feel like this past week has been one of the longest but at the same time, I feel like it has flown right by.  I guess I will start with saying that I am so surprised by how natural this feels.  I have never been around babies much and especially not infants or newborns.  Whenever I was around babies or even children I would start to panic on the inside and try my best to cover it up on the outside.  I never knew what to do or what to say and felt so stupid trying to figure it out in 2 seconds.  I felt so uncomfortable, nervous and all around insecure around children.  The second I had Loyal(the baby, not my husband...this name thing is still so weird), that all went away.  I didn't even have to think of what to do or what to say.  I just held so close to me in my arms and fell in love with him immediately.  Ok, now I have tears in my eyes, you?  Either way, I have never felt so calm and comfortable with something so unfamiliar.  Leaving the hospital, changing diaper, nursing, burping...all of it.  The only thing that gets me a little sweaty is putting his shirts over his head.  Is he going to suffocate???  Other than that, everything is perfect.  I love being his mom.
I have spent this past week soaking up everything about him.  He is so sweet and hardly ever cries.  He is such a good little sleeper so I have actually been able to get good rest (let's hope it stays this way!).  His face is so expressive and one of my favorite things is waking him up.  He is just so sleepy and sweet, I die every time!  I love getting to know him and figuring out the things he loves.

 Ready to go home and begin our life as 3.
He loves staring at the black and white images during eye stimulation.
These faces!
He always sleeps with his arms up.
He loves his tongue.  It's always out!
He loves to snuggle his mommy. Or maybe mommy loves to snuggle him!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

little loyal's birthday

the last time i posted was friday night before i went to bed. i got in bed at about 11:30, went to sleep at midnight and woke up thirty minutes later to what i quickly realized was the beginning of labor. i had some signs of labor approaching throughout the week but there was no mistaking that this was the real deal.  so much for being induced on monday.

i have every intention of posting my birth story at a later date but for now, Loyal Vern Hoover IV made his entrance into the world (and completely stole my heart) at 2:01 pm on saturday, may 11, 2013. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
i am so in love

Friday, May 10, 2013

week 41

Week 41
so the eggplant didn't work.  that was a bummer.  looked like i would be going to my doctor's appointment on tuesday, 3 days after my due date.  i was really hoping to not make it until the doctor's appointment, but i did.  at the appointment, my doctor said that my cervix had not progressed since the week before so based on that, i decided not to have her strip my membranes.  i figured that since i hadn't progressed, i didn't feel like going through the pain if it wasn't going to work.  instead, we set a date to be induced.  

monday. may 13, 2013.

i guess that will be his birth day.  unless he comes early, which i am not counting on.  leaving the doctor's office, i felt a little weird about what happened.  i was still not happy about having to be induced and for some reason i wasn't happy about it being on monday.  one day after mothers day kinda sucks but oh well.
total weight gain: 23 lbs
(same as last appointment)
today  is friday and i had another doctor's appointment.  since i was past my due date, they wanted me to go in for fetal monitoring.  they hooked me up to the machine and strapped 2 belts around my belly, one for his heart beat and the other for contractions.
i was hooked up for 20 minutes and his heart beat was great and i actually had a couple contractions.  the contractions were pretty minor so i'm not going to get my hopes up about it like i did the eggplant.  so i guess from here we just wait until monday.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

eggplant update

well it looks like the eggplant didn't work for me. what a bummer, i really thought it would have.  i had 2 servings of it the first day and then another serving yesterday for lunch.  6:30 pm will be exactly 48 hours and nothing. NOTHING! no contractions, not even an increase in braxton hicks.  i do feel like my body is progressing but slowly, very very slowly. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so i guess i will find something out then. at my last appointment they said that if i made it to tuesday (which i imagine i will at this point) they would strip my membranes to hopefully induce labor on its own. i really hope it works because it sounds painful and i don't care to go through that for nothing, like the 3 plates of eggplant. i also imagine that we will be setting a tentative date for induction in the case that the membrane thing falls through. so i guess that means that i will be picking his birthday?! ahhh, that gives me anxiety for some reason. such a big decision. anyway, here's a pick before i go and sit on the couch and continue to wait for this stubborn little boy to come out. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

eggplant parmigiana

i've heard about all of the myths that induce labor but it seems that eggplant is one of the most sworn by.  i didn't really have much of an interest in eating eggplant, mostly because the one time i tried it i hated it. other than that, i just wasn't ready.  well now i am and even more than that, i am so intrigued to see if this actually works. today is my due date so i figured there is no better day than today to give it a try.  there is a place in atlanta that is known for their legendary eggplant parmigiana.  according to the legend, you will deliver within 48 hours of eating it. so, i had my first plate tonight at 6:30.
my mom picked up all of the stuff last night.  i think she was more excited than i was because she woke me up at 9am to tell me we had to make the eggplant today. woah, not for breakfast geez!  it was fairly easy to make and much to my surprise, it wasn't that bad!
i ate everything on my plate and plan on having seconds as soon as i'm done writing this post. if the legend works i should have him by 6:30 monday evening. wish me luck!

ps - my family started placing bets as to when i would deliver.
my bet is on tomorrow ;) 

Friday, May 3, 2013

week 40: still waiting

i planned on doing this post at the beginning of the week and never got around to it.  i figured i might as well go ahead and get it out of the way in case i went into labor but here i am, one day before my due date, sitting at home waiting for something to happen.
Week 40

pregnancy journal:
I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday.  The doctor checked my cervix and I am 2 centimeters dilated and my cervix is very thin.  Sounds like I am getting close but then again, who knows.  My due date is this Saturday and my doctor said that she won’t let me go past the 10th.  Hopefully you will come before then because I really don’t want to be induced.  I set another appointment for next Tuesday (3 days post due date) to get checked again, if I make it until then. 

Total weight gain: 23 lbs
(down one pound since last appt.)
Very strange.

     This week I printed a couple copies of my birth plan and check list for the hospital.  I double checked my hospital bags and went ahead and packed the trunk.  The only other thing left for me to do is get Loyal packed.  I want him to be packed before I go into labor so that he doesn’t have to worry about it.  Right now it’s just a waiting game.  Waiting and waiting all week for the baby to come.  I would love for him to be born on my actual due date so that I can have the fourth on the fourth!  I think that would be so cool.  Knowing our luck, we will have him on the 5th and every Cinco de Mayo will be a birthday fiesta.  Poor kid, hope he likes mexican!


so as you probably just read, my doctor won't let me go past the 10th which is one week from today.  i have another appointment on tuesday and i assume that if i am still pregnant, we will schedule a date to be induced.  what a bummer that would be.  i've heard good and bad about being induced.  my mom was induced with me and apparently it was a breeze.  at the same time, i've had complete strangers tell me that it's the most painful thing ever and to avoid it at all costs.  either way, i really wanted to experience labor naturally but i guess some things are just out of your hands.  (and by naturally i don't mean without medication at all.  i just think that waking up to a scheduled appointment for labor takes the fun out of it.)  what's meant to happen will happen but i know one thing that is for sure, our baby will be here within the next 7 days!!!

update: i finally got loyal packed, woohoo!!!  NOW we are ready! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our first home

I am so happy to finally share the exciting news that loyal and I have purchased our first home! We closed on Tuesday so it is officially ours. :)  
A little background: at the beginning of the year we decided we were going to buy a house later this year. We decided to just "see what was out there" and began browsing on, trulia, etc.  We saw a few house that we liked or would at least be interested in seeing but we quickly realized that the good ones were going fast and by fast I mean flying off the market. At the same time, we decided to go ahead and start working with a mortgage person to figure out a budget and what we needed to do to have everything ready to go when the time came. She advised us that the interest rates will go up this summer. Crap!  Soooo, we got released from new jersey and decided that we would go and look at some houses and get a feel for the area we wanted to live in. We met with a realtor, told him we only had one day available and set up to look at as many houses that we could fit into one saturday afternoon.  Talk about a long day!  We saw 10 houses that day and lucky #4 was one that we threw into the list last minute the day before. Loyal and I are the type that knows what we want when we see it. But at the same time, this was the first time we had ever really looked at houses, especially with the possibility of buying. We decided we liked it a lot, talked about putting in an offer while we were there but eventually decided on seeing the rest of the houses planned for the day. Were we ready for this???  We weren't sure. We decided to sleep on it and the next afternoon we put in an offer.  We went back and forth with the owner and about a week later we agreed on an offer and went under contract!  At this point, I knew it was ours. I know things can easily fall through but I had a feeling about this one. 
So that's our story.  We went from wanting to buy later this year to seeing a house one time and closing 6 weeks later (four days before my due date),
we might just be crazy. 

The house is just outside of New Orleans.  It was built about 50 years ago and with that comes some compromises, which you will see.  It needs some work but we are super excited to renovate and create our dream home. 
So here it is, the first 'house tour'
(fyi: the only picture Loyal and I actually took was the one above.  All the others were taken off of the realtors website (the very blurry ones) or from our spies that we sent to an open house.)

When we started looking, I had a secret passion for black and white houses. My husband on the other hand, preferred stucco. Boo. Agreeing can be really hard sometimes.  Thankfully, we both fell for this one and lucky me, it just so happened to be black and white.  :)
Plans: need a new roof and for some reason the seller was in love with his front door, so he took it with him. Strange, I know.  That's fine though, because we weren't really in love with it and were planning on replacing it.
Formal Living
Plans: replace hardwoods (or should I say laminate, gross) add black french doors to entrance and built it shelving against the back wall
Dining Room
Plans: this really just needs some aesthetic help. We might add a chair rail, maybe some black paint because who doesn't paint their dining room black? Still deciding. 

Compromise #1 - we always wanted a big kitchen. Especially when we are bumping into each other, fighting over the sink or running out of counter space.
Oh well. 
Plans: reface cabinets (white), white counter top (still discussing stone selection), subway backsplash, grey paint. That's as far as we've got with that and this will not be our first project so by the time we get to it, plans may have changed completely.  One thing that will happen no matter what: open up the far wall with the window cut-out, that has to go. 
OMG can we say brown paneling?! Awful! This room is a little scary and I honestly can not believe I am posting pictures. This will be the very first thing to come down. (Actually, it's tied with the master bath for first sledge hammer project.) 
Plans: DRYWALL is a must, paint fireplace white (for now), new mantel, new molding, new everything! And 86 the cafeteria floors, please!  Keep in mind that the divider window wall into the kitchen is coming out. 
Powder Room
Plans: replace everything. Maybe even the toilet, we haven't decided. 
Having a garage (a 2 car at that!) is a huge plus in New Orleans.  I honestly didn't think we would have one. 
Compromise #2 - laundry in the garage, what the hell??  Whatever, I'll take it if it means we get a garage. I guess. 
Plans: sweat my face off while i'm doing laundry in the summer? Excellent.

Back Yard
One of the main selling points. We immediately fell in love with the backyard. Of all the houses we saw, this was the only one with a REAL backyard that was already fenced in. A dream come true for our 3 little pups! 
Plans: replace patio (ours has a huge crack), build a badass pergola over the patio, add some awesome outdoor furniture and make some frozen margaritas!  Now that's a plan!
Master Bedroom
This room has some pretty good bones. The upstairs has laminates as well so those of course have to go. 
Plans: paint, decorate, sleep (hopefully, this sounds like a lot of work)
Master Bath
Compromise #3 - talk about the smallest master bath EVER!  Huge bummer but at this point, every house is going to have some compromises.  Oh, how I can't wait to share one sink with my husband.
Plans: GUT THE ENTIRE BATHROOM!  Unfortunately, the stairs are on the other side of the bathroom so we can't really expand.  We are in the process of choosing/agreeing/compromising on finishes.
Bedroom #1
This will be the nursery.  It is right across the hall from our room and closest to the guest bath so it seemed like the right fit.
Plans: not really much to do here other than paint and decorate.
(This will be the very first project we plan to do, just because it will be quick and easy.  Stay tuned for more detailed plans ahead!)
Bedroom #2
This will be the guest bedroom until we have another baby which at that point, the nursery will become the 'new nursery' (hopefully pink) and little man will upgrade to a 'big boy room.'
Plans: paint and decorate
Bedroom #3
This will be the office/play room/everything else room
Plans: um new floor please.  paint and decorate
Guest Bath
Ugh, more blue.  How could someone live with this?!
Plans: change everything, quickly.
Well, that's it.  Our first house!  Hope you liked it.

Fyi to all of my Atlanta friends: we aren't planning on moving any time soon.  We are still going to be traveling with work and our time off will be split between Atlanta and New Orleans.  No going away party just yet! 
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