Friday, April 12, 2013

week 34: pineapple

march 16 - 22, 2013
Week 34

it is getting to be the time for the baby to move into head down position.  i always feel a big round body part right underneath the right side of my rib cage.  i feel it there all the time and it has been giving me rib pain for weeks now.  it's either a head or a butt and i'm praying that it's a butt.  i would much rather have a vaginal birth rather than a c-section and just the thought that it might be a head makes me so nervous.  aside from the round lump that never goes away, there is always a knob poking out of my left side!  sometimes times it pokes out so hard that it's painful.  oh, i am dying to know what these parts are!
at the beginning of this week we went to new orleans to visit family.  while we were there, we celebrated st. patty's day and went to loyal's sisters house for a crawfish boil and baby shower!  so much fun!!

st. patty's day: uptown, new orleans

i think loyal had fun at "the first baby shower he's ever been to"

and now for the crawfish... Untitled Untitled
sooooo goood!!!!

we got some really great gifts and had such a great time with family and friends.  my sister got to try crawfish for the first time, which was a success! 


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