Tuesday, April 9, 2013

gestational diabetes

this post is a little overdue but i figured i would share how my gestational diabetes is going.  if you need to catch up, you can do that here.
my appointment with the diabetes specialist was tuesday, march 12th.  loyal and i went first thing in the morning and i had no idea what to expect.  i was a little nervous and a little anxious to see what they were going to say.  i met with a nutritionist first.  we went over what i normally eat on a regular basis.  once we started going through that, she realized that i wasn't eating enough carbs.  from what i gathered, carbs help your body release insulin to break down sugar, which my body wasn't doing. (i could be totally wrong about all of this so don't quote me).   so once we figured out what needed to be modified, we came up with a diet for me to follow based on the things that i like to eat...with more carbs that is.  my daily diet goes something like this...
3 egg whites (with one yolk)
turkey sausage
2 pieces of toast w/ butter spray
1 bagel thin w/ peanut butter
turkey sandwich with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and cheese
cheese and crackers
grapefruit or an orange
grilled chicken with 2 veggies & a starch
yogurt & glass of milk
after i met with the nutritionist, i met with the nurse to learn how to check my blood sugar.  i basically prick my finger, use a test strip and this digital thing (not really sure what to call it exactly) reads my blood sugar level, which has to be under a certain number.  if my blood sugar levels are not below the numbers that they want then i will have to be on insulin.
once i started the diet, i realized it really wasn't that bad at all.  i was happy that i can still eat fruit because i was really worried about that.  i just can't have any in the morning.  i would normally only eat half of a bagel thin in the mornings but after having to up my carbs, i now eat a whole one.  i am loving the sandwiches for lunch, especially with the tomato!  dinner is pretty much the same and i'm now having one more snack than i was before.  all in all, i can't really complain...about the diet anyway.
now for the annoying stuff...
i have to eat every 2-3 hours.  not that bad.  BUT i also have to check my blood sugar an hour after each meal and first thing in the morning (fasting).  so, between the testing and eating on time, i have alarms going off all day long.
now the testing. not that bad either...except when i'm out running errands.  it's so annoying to be at a store when my alarm is going off, have to find the bathroom, check my blood sugar in a stall, etc.  so with that being said, this little guy is always with me.
i've gotten used to it by now.  i usually pass every time i check my blood sugar and if i don't, i figure out why and make sure not to eat that again.  luckily, they are happy with everything i'm doing to keep things on track so no insulin for me!   

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