Thursday, February 28, 2013

week 30: countdown begins

february 16 - 22, 2013
Week 30
with only 10 weeks left, i definitely feel like this is the home stretch.  i keep thinking about the fact that i could possibly deliver earlier than my due date so it could very well be even less than 10 weeks.  that makes me want to panic.  i think that once we get home and are able to get everything organized i will feel better.  or at least once we have our stuff packed for the hospital. 
this week i have noticed a new symptom.  my upper abs have been really sore, at the very top of my stomach and right below my boobs.  it feels like i did a million crunches.  it usually isn't bad until the end of the day.  i asked my mom about it and she said she had the same thing and that it was most likely my muscles stretching as my belly grows.  she also said it gets worse.  lovely.

my sister and I started working on some baby shower crafts and projects that i had planned for us.  my baby shower is something that i have thought of for a long time, even though it was always for a girl until i actually got pregnant.  aside from maternity pictures, the shower was probably one of the things i was beyond excited for since the day i saw the positive pregnancy test.  i have made so many lists and sketches and plans so actually working on some of these things was awesome.  here is a little tiny preview without giving too much away...
seeing my visions come to life was so exciting and i honestly can not wait for my shower!


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