Wednesday, February 27, 2013

week 29 + vday catch up

february 9 - 15, 2013
Week 29
so clearly i'm behind again.  two days away from march and i am just now posting about valentine's day.  i've been super busy the past couple of weeks, more on that later.
pregnancy journal:
Some new symptoms popped up this week.  To start, sleeping is becoming very uncomfortable.  My hips ache throughout the night and my body is so stiff and sore when I wake up in the morning.  I wake up several times throughout the night needing to roll over or change positions because of my hips.  My legs and calves have started cramping periodically throughout the night as well.  All of this started one night this week and I was hoping it was just that night but has continued every night since, unfortunately.  Some nights I have a hard time falling asleep too. I lay there awake until midnight just thinking about how tired I am but can’t fall asleep.
     Another symptom is that I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately.  I feel like I still have so much to do and time is running out quickly.  We are still in New Jersey and at this point, I’m just so ready to get back to Atlanta and start getting ready for baby's arrival.  With that being said, we have to pack up here, drive home, get settled and who knows what else.  Loyal wants to go to New Orleans once we get back to Atlanta.  I have to take maternity pictures, get everything we still need after the shower, pack for the hospital and organize pretty much everything in my life and Loyals.  Doctor’s visits are going to be more frequent soon.  We have classes to take at the hospital since we have no idea what to do with an infant that will be here in 11 weeks or less.  Do you see what I mean?  SO MUCH TO DO AND I NEED MORE TIME!!!
so this week was valentine's day!  loyal and i don't really do much for valentine's day but for some reason i still really love it.  it's just a good excuse to give {and receive} some extra attention.  normally, loyal and i exchange starbucks coffee mugs every year and go out to dinner but this year we didn't even make it to dinner.  too tired.  we did exchange mugs though!  for some odd reason, we are really obsessed with mugs.  we had these ones picked out a good month before valentine's day so opening these up first thing in the morning felt like christmas!
like every other year, that was supposed to be all we exchanged but we both had secret surprises for each other.  he got me a box of chocolates since i had been drooling over them every single time we went to the grocery store, which is about every other day for us.  chocolate and fresh starbucks was perfect for "breakfast in bed"
{fyi: i only ate 2 & it was vday so don't judge!}
loyal had been interested in this daddy book the couple of times we had our barnes and noble dates so i surprised him with that.  i actually really liked it for myself too.  considering i didn't finish any of the books i bought in the beginning, this one is much more simple and straight to the point.  not near as boring as mine.
all in all, we had a perfect little valentine's day but we can't wait until we have our baby valentine to spoil next year!
seaside heights, new jersey
{right beside the roller coaster that is sitting in the ocean}

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