Saturday, February 9, 2013

week 25 and week 26: eggplant and 2 lbs

obviously i am extrememly behind (4 weeks to be exact).  thanks to the snow we got from the blizzard last night, i will be making some major catching up progress today.  the problem with being up here in new jersey is that the ribbon selection absolutely sucks, hence the delay in posts.  finally found some decent ribbon so here you go...

january 12 - january 18, 2013
Week 25
i have been keeping a journal of my pregnancy so luckily i don't have to remember what exactly i was feeling 4 weeks ago because that would be impossible.  thankfully, it's all written down.
Well, now that I have hit the 24 week mark, I am officially 6 months pregnant.  That is crazy!  It doesn’t feel like it has already been 6 months and I definitely don’t feel like there are only 4 more to go.  Stop me before I panic!  This week has been pretty smooth.  I feel good and haven’t had any new symptoms pop up that I can think of. 
(definitely a little weird reading this now that i am 7 months today, with only 3 to go)
I went to Babies-R-Us this week because I wanted to buy a new stretch mark cream.  Now that my stomach is starting to get bigger I felt like I needed a better cream.  I went to get the one that I’ve seen great reviews for, used it for one day and it gave me a bad rash.  It almost looked like that start of hives and it itched like crazy.  I guess I’ll just have to use the stuff I had been using.  Apparently the creams don’t really work anyway so it looks like I’ll just resort back to praying for no stretch marks while I lather on pointless amounts of oil and lotion.
(i am using Palmers Cocoa Butter: Skin Therapy Oil and Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. the lotion has a pregnant woman on the bottle. the lotion that gave me the rash was mustela. i've heard it's great so that was a bummer.)


january 19 - january 25, 2013
Week 26
This week I was noticing some changing in the baby's movement.  For one, the movements are much more prominent.  When I feel him moving around now, he feels bigger inside my stomach.  Sometimes I can feel him both in the front and the back of my uterus at the same time.  I can now differentiate where he is in my belly, whether up near my bellybutton or down lower.  I have also noticed that what I am eating affects the movement.  It seems that the healthier I eat the more movement I feel.  When I eat bad, the movement is more sluggish.  I guess he takes after his mom because I turn into the biggest slug too. :)
What I am loving so much while I’m pregnant is cold fruit, especially citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges.  They have to be really cold. 
25 wks 3 days
25 weeks 3 days
please excuse the bathroom pic.  and the snow gear.


 this was my dad's birthday. happy birthday dad!



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