Wednesday, February 20, 2013

mommy's little boy

since my last post, i have heard from a few people that they think the baby looks like me.  after seeing the ultrasound pictures, i kept seeing features of my own as well.  the night of my doctor's appointment, i decided to dig up some of my baby pictures to compare.  what do you think?
i do think he has my nose (my sister has it too) and if his lips thin out those could also be from me. i don't know, sometimes i see it and sometimes i don't.

i didn't share this last week but i guess i have decided to share it now.  after the doctor's appointment, something really amazing happened.  i was sitting in a chair, leaning over to my right side on the armrest. i felt a sharp pain on my right side, right underneath my rib cage. it was so sudden and so sharp that i immediately grabbed my side. when i put my hand over the pain, i felt his foot!  i couldn't believe it!  a perfect foot shaped hard spot on my belly right where he kicked me.  just as soon as i realized it was his foot, he pulled it away.  i remembered during the ultrasound that his head was near the left side of my belly so this all made sense now. it really was amazing! :)
Foot in ribs      
i have 2 more posts in the works, which will be up soon!

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