Thursday, February 28, 2013

glucose test nightmare

this is something that i have been dealing with for the past couple weeks and i decided that i am finally ready to share.
one hour test:
at my 28 week appointment (the one with the 3D ultrasound) i also did my 1 hour glucose test.  for those who don't know, you have to drink this really sugary drink, fast for one hour, have your blood drawn and then find out if you pass or fail.  so, i did all of those things...and i failed.  i have no idea why i didn't pass.  i assumed that because i eat healthy the majority of the time, i would pass with flying colors.  i guess not.  maybe my body just isn't used to that amount of sugar.  let's be honest here.  i splurge occasionally, who doesn't.  but 50 grams of sugar in 5 minutes is a lot.  when i initially got the news, i think i went through every emotion in the book: shocked, upset, devastated, angry, embarrassed, name it.  mostly, i was pretty annoyed because this meant that i had to test again which in return meant that i had to fly back in.  i scheduled the appointment, booked another flight and got ready for the next step.
they gave me a sheet of instructions for the next test.  i had to follow a specific "diet" for the three days leading up to the test.  when i say diet, this was insane.  to start, i had to eat three meals a day that included 2 servings of bread or starch in each meal.  so basically 6 servings a day, which is a lot for me because i don't normally eat many carbs.  on top of the three meals, i had to have 4 items off of their list of sweets.  here are some of the items:
2 donuts
2 cupcakes
1 pint of ice cream
1 large piece of cake
2 large bananas
1 pbj
16 oz soft drink
16 oz orange juice
8-10 small cookies
2 candy bars
the list went on but, you get the point.  i had no idea how i was going to do this.  this is so much food for one day.  i really was dreading this stupid diet but my husband finally convinced me to have fun with it.  so, we went to the store and stocked up on a bunch of junk food and dove in head first with this "diet"
i was the most excited about the donuts but let me tell you, after the first two i was sick to my stomach from the sugar rush.  i think i gained a good 5 pounds after that weekend.
three hour test:
at 29.5 weeks i flew back into atlanta for the second test.  considering the first test was only an hour, it really wasn't that bad.  this test would be 3 hours and all they really told me was "bring a lot to do."  that's what i did.  i brought kelli and morgan to hopefully pass the time quickly.  i had to fast that morning and have my blood drawn right when i got there.  after that, i had to drink another glucose drink.  this one was a little different though.  it had 100 grams of sugar instead of the 50 that the first one had.  i had 5 minutes to drink it and they would draw blood after 1, 2, and 3 hours.  the nurse said the first hour is usually the worst but i should be fine.  so, we went back to the waiting room to wait it out.  by 10 minutes, i had a headache.  by 20 minutes, i felt pretty bad.  by 30 minutes, my worst night mare happened, i threw up.  luckily i had a "just in case" bag with me because you just never know.  once i threw up i felt perfectly fine.  i knew exactly what this meant...i had to retest...before 30 weeks...which was saturday...and my flight was the next morning.  i was so mad.  they said that i could test again the next morning and just continue with the diet for the rest of the day.  looks like i was changing my flight and staying another day.
three hour test {take two}:
i was back again the next morning and had another damn glucose drink.  some people say the drink isn't that bad, which is what i would have said after the first one but after the third, it's pretty awful.  luckily the nurse gave me a prescription for nausea so that i could hopefully keep this drink down because if i got sick again they would automatically diagnose me with gestational diabetes.  the prescription helped because i made it through the first hour!  for this test, they gave me my own room so that i could lay down for the entire 3 hours which really helped.  after 3 1/2 hours at the doctor, laying in room by myself, i was finally done with the test.  wooohoooo!!!!!  since i had been fasting for 5 hours they gave me a snack on my way out.
i usually hate cherry flavor but this after a morning like this, it couldn't have tasted better!  i grabbed a quick lunch and was off to the airport for the first flight outta there!!!
i got back to new jersey on wednesday night and they said they would call me with my results in about 3 days or so.  3 days turned into monday morning.  during my three hour test, the nurse told me that i was only over the required number by a little bit for the first test so i should be fine for the three hour test.  if you are over for 2 or more of the 4 blood draws then you fail the 3 hour.  and that's what i did, i failed it and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  i couldn't believe it.  i really thought that after all of that crap i went through, there was no way this nightmare would continue.  at this point i was just so over this entire process.  
what's next:
my doctor referred me to the diabetes resource center where i have to go through "diabetes education," meet with a nutritionist to come up with a diet plan, and apparently, i will be pricking my finger 4 times a day to check my blood sugar.  my doctors appointment is not for another week so i will find out more then.  from what i understand, one of the main concerns with gestational diabetes is that the baby can grow larger than what is recommended.  i guess they will be monitoring his weight more closely now.  at this point, i'm just going to do what i have to do and hopefully this last 9 weeks will go by quickly.        


  1. Good for you for being open about your situation. I have had a few friends who had been diagnosed with this during pregnancy and never told anyone bc they were embarrassed. Your body is just handing sugar differently now that you are preg and it is completely out of our control. You can look at it as a jump start to healthy eating for after you baby is born! I failed my one hour test and also threw up during the three hour test but luckily it was over two hours into the test so they didn't make me retest. The drink is awful!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I was really embarrassed after the first test but the time I found out I failed the second I don't think I had any energy left to be embarrassed anymore. Just taking it one day at a time. Thank you for your comment, really made my day! Xo


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