Thursday, February 28, 2013

glucose test nightmare

this is something that i have been dealing with for the past couple weeks and i decided that i am finally ready to share.
one hour test:
at my 28 week appointment (the one with the 3D ultrasound) i also did my 1 hour glucose test.  for those who don't know, you have to drink this really sugary drink, fast for one hour, have your blood drawn and then find out if you pass or fail.  so, i did all of those things...and i failed.  i have no idea why i didn't pass.  i assumed that because i eat healthy the majority of the time, i would pass with flying colors.  i guess not.  maybe my body just isn't used to that amount of sugar.  let's be honest here.  i splurge occasionally, who doesn't.  but 50 grams of sugar in 5 minutes is a lot.  when i initially got the news, i think i went through every emotion in the book: shocked, upset, devastated, angry, embarrassed, name it.  mostly, i was pretty annoyed because this meant that i had to test again which in return meant that i had to fly back in.  i scheduled the appointment, booked another flight and got ready for the next step.
they gave me a sheet of instructions for the next test.  i had to follow a specific "diet" for the three days leading up to the test.  when i say diet, this was insane.  to start, i had to eat three meals a day that included 2 servings of bread or starch in each meal.  so basically 6 servings a day, which is a lot for me because i don't normally eat many carbs.  on top of the three meals, i had to have 4 items off of their list of sweets.  here are some of the items:
2 donuts
2 cupcakes
1 pint of ice cream
1 large piece of cake
2 large bananas
1 pbj
16 oz soft drink
16 oz orange juice
8-10 small cookies
2 candy bars
the list went on but, you get the point.  i had no idea how i was going to do this.  this is so much food for one day.  i really was dreading this stupid diet but my husband finally convinced me to have fun with it.  so, we went to the store and stocked up on a bunch of junk food and dove in head first with this "diet"
i was the most excited about the donuts but let me tell you, after the first two i was sick to my stomach from the sugar rush.  i think i gained a good 5 pounds after that weekend.
three hour test:
at 29.5 weeks i flew back into atlanta for the second test.  considering the first test was only an hour, it really wasn't that bad.  this test would be 3 hours and all they really told me was "bring a lot to do."  that's what i did.  i brought kelli and morgan to hopefully pass the time quickly.  i had to fast that morning and have my blood drawn right when i got there.  after that, i had to drink another glucose drink.  this one was a little different though.  it had 100 grams of sugar instead of the 50 that the first one had.  i had 5 minutes to drink it and they would draw blood after 1, 2, and 3 hours.  the nurse said the first hour is usually the worst but i should be fine.  so, we went back to the waiting room to wait it out.  by 10 minutes, i had a headache.  by 20 minutes, i felt pretty bad.  by 30 minutes, my worst night mare happened, i threw up.  luckily i had a "just in case" bag with me because you just never know.  once i threw up i felt perfectly fine.  i knew exactly what this meant...i had to retest...before 30 weeks...which was saturday...and my flight was the next morning.  i was so mad.  they said that i could test again the next morning and just continue with the diet for the rest of the day.  looks like i was changing my flight and staying another day.
three hour test {take two}:
i was back again the next morning and had another damn glucose drink.  some people say the drink isn't that bad, which is what i would have said after the first one but after the third, it's pretty awful.  luckily the nurse gave me a prescription for nausea so that i could hopefully keep this drink down because if i got sick again they would automatically diagnose me with gestational diabetes.  the prescription helped because i made it through the first hour!  for this test, they gave me my own room so that i could lay down for the entire 3 hours which really helped.  after 3 1/2 hours at the doctor, laying in room by myself, i was finally done with the test.  wooohoooo!!!!!  since i had been fasting for 5 hours they gave me a snack on my way out.
i usually hate cherry flavor but this after a morning like this, it couldn't have tasted better!  i grabbed a quick lunch and was off to the airport for the first flight outta there!!!
i got back to new jersey on wednesday night and they said they would call me with my results in about 3 days or so.  3 days turned into monday morning.  during my three hour test, the nurse told me that i was only over the required number by a little bit for the first test so i should be fine for the three hour test.  if you are over for 2 or more of the 4 blood draws then you fail the 3 hour.  and that's what i did, i failed it and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  i couldn't believe it.  i really thought that after all of that crap i went through, there was no way this nightmare would continue.  at this point i was just so over this entire process.  
what's next:
my doctor referred me to the diabetes resource center where i have to go through "diabetes education," meet with a nutritionist to come up with a diet plan, and apparently, i will be pricking my finger 4 times a day to check my blood sugar.  my doctors appointment is not for another week so i will find out more then.  from what i understand, one of the main concerns with gestational diabetes is that the baby can grow larger than what is recommended.  i guess they will be monitoring his weight more closely now.  at this point, i'm just going to do what i have to do and hopefully this last 9 weeks will go by quickly.        

week 30: countdown begins

february 16 - 22, 2013
Week 30
with only 10 weeks left, i definitely feel like this is the home stretch.  i keep thinking about the fact that i could possibly deliver earlier than my due date so it could very well be even less than 10 weeks.  that makes me want to panic.  i think that once we get home and are able to get everything organized i will feel better.  or at least once we have our stuff packed for the hospital. 
this week i have noticed a new symptom.  my upper abs have been really sore, at the very top of my stomach and right below my boobs.  it feels like i did a million crunches.  it usually isn't bad until the end of the day.  i asked my mom about it and she said she had the same thing and that it was most likely my muscles stretching as my belly grows.  she also said it gets worse.  lovely.

my sister and I started working on some baby shower crafts and projects that i had planned for us.  my baby shower is something that i have thought of for a long time, even though it was always for a girl until i actually got pregnant.  aside from maternity pictures, the shower was probably one of the things i was beyond excited for since the day i saw the positive pregnancy test.  i have made so many lists and sketches and plans so actually working on some of these things was awesome.  here is a little tiny preview without giving too much away...
seeing my visions come to life was so exciting and i honestly can not wait for my shower!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

week 29 + vday catch up

february 9 - 15, 2013
Week 29
so clearly i'm behind again.  two days away from march and i am just now posting about valentine's day.  i've been super busy the past couple of weeks, more on that later.
pregnancy journal:
Some new symptoms popped up this week.  To start, sleeping is becoming very uncomfortable.  My hips ache throughout the night and my body is so stiff and sore when I wake up in the morning.  I wake up several times throughout the night needing to roll over or change positions because of my hips.  My legs and calves have started cramping periodically throughout the night as well.  All of this started one night this week and I was hoping it was just that night but has continued every night since, unfortunately.  Some nights I have a hard time falling asleep too. I lay there awake until midnight just thinking about how tired I am but can’t fall asleep.
     Another symptom is that I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately.  I feel like I still have so much to do and time is running out quickly.  We are still in New Jersey and at this point, I’m just so ready to get back to Atlanta and start getting ready for baby's arrival.  With that being said, we have to pack up here, drive home, get settled and who knows what else.  Loyal wants to go to New Orleans once we get back to Atlanta.  I have to take maternity pictures, get everything we still need after the shower, pack for the hospital and organize pretty much everything in my life and Loyals.  Doctor’s visits are going to be more frequent soon.  We have classes to take at the hospital since we have no idea what to do with an infant that will be here in 11 weeks or less.  Do you see what I mean?  SO MUCH TO DO AND I NEED MORE TIME!!!
so this week was valentine's day!  loyal and i don't really do much for valentine's day but for some reason i still really love it.  it's just a good excuse to give {and receive} some extra attention.  normally, loyal and i exchange starbucks coffee mugs every year and go out to dinner but this year we didn't even make it to dinner.  too tired.  we did exchange mugs though!  for some odd reason, we are really obsessed with mugs.  we had these ones picked out a good month before valentine's day so opening these up first thing in the morning felt like christmas!
like every other year, that was supposed to be all we exchanged but we both had secret surprises for each other.  he got me a box of chocolates since i had been drooling over them every single time we went to the grocery store, which is about every other day for us.  chocolate and fresh starbucks was perfect for "breakfast in bed"
{fyi: i only ate 2 & it was vday so don't judge!}
loyal had been interested in this daddy book the couple of times we had our barnes and noble dates so i surprised him with that.  i actually really liked it for myself too.  considering i didn't finish any of the books i bought in the beginning, this one is much more simple and straight to the point.  not near as boring as mine.
all in all, we had a perfect little valentine's day but we can't wait until we have our baby valentine to spoil next year!
seaside heights, new jersey
{right beside the roller coaster that is sitting in the ocean}

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

mommy's little boy

since my last post, i have heard from a few people that they think the baby looks like me.  after seeing the ultrasound pictures, i kept seeing features of my own as well.  the night of my doctor's appointment, i decided to dig up some of my baby pictures to compare.  what do you think?
i do think he has my nose (my sister has it too) and if his lips thin out those could also be from me. i don't know, sometimes i see it and sometimes i don't.

i didn't share this last week but i guess i have decided to share it now.  after the doctor's appointment, something really amazing happened.  i was sitting in a chair, leaning over to my right side on the armrest. i felt a sharp pain on my right side, right underneath my rib cage. it was so sudden and so sharp that i immediately grabbed my side. when i put my hand over the pain, i felt his foot!  i couldn't believe it!  a perfect foot shaped hard spot on my belly right where he kicked me.  just as soon as i realized it was his foot, he pulled it away.  i remembered during the ultrasound that his head was near the left side of my belly so this all made sense now. it really was amazing! :)
Foot in ribs      
i have 2 more posts in the works, which will be up soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

week 28: 3rd trimester

February 2 - February 8, 2013
Week 28
{FYI: I know this ribbon is a little girly but as I said in one of my recent posts, good ribbon is hard to find up here.  This is one that I had bought a long time ago and had to resort to using this week.}
This week ends my second trimester and officially begins my third and final trimester.  Only 12 more weeks to go, if he is on time that is.  I know I have said this before but time is really flying by.  I remember how fast the first 12 weeks flew by and I can only imagine that the last will go by even faster.  I am definitely ready to meet him and hold him in my arms but at the same time I am also very thankful that i still have 12 more weeks of having him all to myself. :)

I had a doctor's appointment this week and we had our 3D ultrasound.  I had been waiting and waiting for this!  I couldn't wait to see what he looks like and if he resembles one of us.  He is beyond cute and I was so happy with the pictures that we got.

I have gained 14 pounds so far (2 since last appt)
baby weighs 2 pounds 14 ounces
3D_6 3D_10 3D_12
Little guy had his arm up the rest of the ultrasound...
3D_19 3D_23 3D_26
and last, my favorite...
I almost died from the cuteness!!!  He was just kicked back and relaxed!
We woke up to about 8 inches of snow and it was cooold!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

week 27: cucumber

january 26 - february 1, 2013
Week 27
This week baby is the size of a cucumber and now weighs over 2 pounds!  I can’t believe how big he is growing and how fast this is going by.  Next week I will begin my third and final trimester.  It seems like only a month ago that we began this journey.  He is going to be here before we know it and we still have so much to do.  I think it’s pretty natural that you start feeling overwhelmed once you start getting closer to the end.  I am torn between feeling like I need all the time I can get to prepare myself and feeling like I want him here tomorrow because I am getting so anxious.
One night this week I was laying in bed reading my daily pregnancy updates that I get.  This particular night was about hiccups.  It said that at this stage in the pregnancy, the baby will get the hiccups often.  According to what I was reading, it will feel like my stomach is having muscle spasms.  It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes after I read that and I started to feel exactly what was described.  My first time feeling his hiccups!  They didn’t last very long and they seemed to be at a faster pace than when I get the hiccups.  I felt them a couple more times throughout the rest of the week and so far, it is only at night when I am laying down for bed.

Sleeping is starting to become very uncomfortable.  I go to the bathroom about 2-3 times every night, usually at about 1 a.m. and again at 3 or 4 a.m.  From what I have heard, you end up having to go about once every hour towards the end.  I can’t say that I am excited about that.  I also feel like my uterus is getting so heavy these days.  When I move at night it is really uncomfortable and sometimes it hurts my stomach.  I think that I would usually use my core and muscles in my stomach to turn over and now I can’t even sit up without pushing my body up.  It gets a little frustrating not being able to do such easy things without a little help.  One night I asked Loyal to push me out of bed because I didn’t have the energy to do it on my own.  It was one of those moments that he seemed a little concerned that I might be crazy.
so lately loyal and i have been going to barnes and noble on friday nights for a date.  i usually make dinner at home, earlier than usual.  after dinner we will go grab a starbucks and then hit the bookstore and read.  the first couple of fridays that we went, we both got baby related books and read those.  he found a great one about becoming a dad.  his actually seemed better than the ones that i got back in the beginning of my pregnancy.  now we just read whatever catches our eye.  barnes and noble was having this huge clearance on christmas stuff and after sorting through all of the boxes i found a bunch of childrens christmas books.  they were all about $2 each.  felt like christmas morning all over again!
i love to read and i remember reading when i was little.  reading to him, especially before bedtime, is something that is so important to me.  i can't wait to stock up a big book collection for him.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

week 25 and week 26: eggplant and 2 lbs

obviously i am extrememly behind (4 weeks to be exact).  thanks to the snow we got from the blizzard last night, i will be making some major catching up progress today.  the problem with being up here in new jersey is that the ribbon selection absolutely sucks, hence the delay in posts.  finally found some decent ribbon so here you go...

january 12 - january 18, 2013
Week 25
i have been keeping a journal of my pregnancy so luckily i don't have to remember what exactly i was feeling 4 weeks ago because that would be impossible.  thankfully, it's all written down.
Well, now that I have hit the 24 week mark, I am officially 6 months pregnant.  That is crazy!  It doesn’t feel like it has already been 6 months and I definitely don’t feel like there are only 4 more to go.  Stop me before I panic!  This week has been pretty smooth.  I feel good and haven’t had any new symptoms pop up that I can think of. 
(definitely a little weird reading this now that i am 7 months today, with only 3 to go)
I went to Babies-R-Us this week because I wanted to buy a new stretch mark cream.  Now that my stomach is starting to get bigger I felt like I needed a better cream.  I went to get the one that I’ve seen great reviews for, used it for one day and it gave me a bad rash.  It almost looked like that start of hives and it itched like crazy.  I guess I’ll just have to use the stuff I had been using.  Apparently the creams don’t really work anyway so it looks like I’ll just resort back to praying for no stretch marks while I lather on pointless amounts of oil and lotion.
(i am using Palmers Cocoa Butter: Skin Therapy Oil and Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. the lotion has a pregnant woman on the bottle. the lotion that gave me the rash was mustela. i've heard it's great so that was a bummer.)


january 19 - january 25, 2013
Week 26
This week I was noticing some changing in the baby's movement.  For one, the movements are much more prominent.  When I feel him moving around now, he feels bigger inside my stomach.  Sometimes I can feel him both in the front and the back of my uterus at the same time.  I can now differentiate where he is in my belly, whether up near my bellybutton or down lower.  I have also noticed that what I am eating affects the movement.  It seems that the healthier I eat the more movement I feel.  When I eat bad, the movement is more sluggish.  I guess he takes after his mom because I turn into the biggest slug too. :)
What I am loving so much while I’m pregnant is cold fruit, especially citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges.  They have to be really cold. 
25 wks 3 days
25 weeks 3 days
please excuse the bathroom pic.  and the snow gear.


 this was my dad's birthday. happy birthday dad!


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