Monday, January 14, 2013

week 24: ear of corn

Week 24
i must say that this is one of my favorite baby tags so far!  i just love the little corn, so cute!  i feel like things are really starting to progress at this point.  i feel like my belly is growing more and more each week.  i also feel hungrier than i did a couple of weeks ago.  i get hungry faster in between meals.  i also feel like the movement and kicking has really ramped up too!  i feel him moving so much now.  i have also found the energy and motivation to go back to the gym.  i swore to myself that i would go as soon as my 12 appointment passed.  well, that came and went.  oh well, better late than never i guess.  maybe it was the new shoes that loyal bought me!  either way, i feel so good after i work out!  it gives me so much more energy and i swear i consider cleaning the entire house every time i leave the gym.  i always find better things to do of course.
22 weeks, 4 days

i had a doctor's appointment this past week so i flew home to atlanta for that.  i was at the doctor for no more than 30 minutes.  after the weighed me (gained 7 lbs in the last 5 weeks thanks to the holidays) and checked my blood pressure, i saw the doctor.  she asked me how i was feeling, heard the heartbeat and that was it.  at the next appointment i will be doing the gestational diabetes testing and a 3D ultrasound which i am super excited about!!! 
one of the highlights of this week was getting the rest of our outfit that we will bring him home in!  i ordered it online and had it shipped to my moms house so i got it while i was home.  i am so obsessed with it, especially the blanket!!!  navy and white seem to be the theme we are going with for this, along with polo, clearly.
Coverall Hat Blanket
we got the coverall at nordstrom but i found the matching hat and blanket at belk, online.  they were both on sale when i bought them.
that's about it for this week.  here are some pics...
23 wks 6 days 23 wks 6 days (2)
these were both taken at 23 weeks, 6 days



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