Friday, January 11, 2013

week 23: happy new year

well, i'm a little behind again.  i'll be 24 weeks tomorrow.  i guess with traveling over christmas, new years and going home this week for a doctor's appointment, i have been a little busy.
Week 23
see what i mean about behind, new years seems like weeks ago at this point.  maybe it's just me.
anyway, back to last week...
i realized this week that i am a lot hungrier than i have been throughout my pregnancy so far.  i haven't noticed much of a difference in my appetite until now.  i feel like i can eat more than i used to without getting full and i get hungry quicker in between meals now.  some days i feel like i could stuff my face all day.  i don't, obviously, but the rest of this pregnancy is going to take some serious discipline.
another symptom popped up this week too, rib pain.  i kept having this pain, sort of like pressure, in my ribs right below my breasts.  it's usually stronger on the right side.  i did a little research about it and it seems pretty common, especially on the right side.  from what i read, as your uterus continues to grow, it puts pressure on your ribs.  excellent.
the body pillow i bought last week seems to be working pretty well so far.  i don't have as much pain in my hips throughout the night and some nights, none at all.  my back still hurts at night but i think that might be from being on my feet most of the day.  usually, if i sit up very straight, i feel the most comfortable.  that seems to get difficult at the end of the day when i'm tired and lazy.
here is the body pillow i got: Boppy Circle Cuddle Pillow
i have also notcied that the baby has become much more active.  it seems like he is moving more and sleeping less.  hope that's not a sign of what's to come.  :/  another characteristic that he has started to show us is that he seems a little shy.  every time i try to get loyal to come and feel him moving, he stops.  i guess he doesn't like the attention.  sounds like his dad!
new year's eve
sooo, the highlight of this week was new years!  we made plans to go to a new restaurant near where we are staying, about 30 minutes away.  i was a little worried about being up until midnight since i am usually in bed by 9:30 these days.  i made dinner reservations for 9 in an attempt to be up for midnight.  we got dressed up and left the house early because loyal wanted to stop for a drink before going to the restaurant.  the only restaurants close to us are applebees, long horn, and one other that i can't even remember.  we stopped at applesbees for a drink and an appetizer.  at this point it was about 7:30.  i was starving, getting tired and definitely second guessing our plans for the night.  the next thing i know, we are on the phone canceling our dinner reservations, eating dinner next door at long horn, home by 10 and managed to forget to take any pictures at all.  it was a mutual decision to cancel and go home early.  luckily, loyal is usually on board with stuff like that since he's pregnant too, lol.  we always joke that he got all the symptoms that i did, especially when it comes to going to bed early.  we tried so hard to stay up but ended up falling asleep before midnight.  oh well.  we'll try again next year i guess.
happy new year!
hudson river. hoboken, new jersey 


  1. get ready to eat lots more as you continue to grow....I never imgaine that I can eat as much as I do now and still be hungry.....
    and I have the exact boppy pillow and my husband and I "fight" over it because he like how comfortable it is for his back and as a pillow...grrrr.....

    glad your doing well

    1. haha, I've heard of husbands stealing body pillows! Mine won't have a chance to steal mine!!


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