Tuesday, January 1, 2013

week 22: christmas 2012

Week 22
while i was thinking about symptoms to talk about this week, they started flooding my mind.  i feel like my pregnancy is now in full effect.  i have to blow my nose every morning and it is usually a little bloody.  i can no longer bend over to pick something up, i have to squat.  i'm guessing my uterus is too big.  i'm starting to get out of breath when i have to lean over to put my shoes on, can't wait for flip flop weather.  my back has started hurting often and sleeping has become very uncomfortable.  i finally bought a body pillow so hopefully that will help with the back pain, hopefully.  on a brighter note, IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!
we got to new orleans on sunday afternoon.  after we left the airport, we spent some time with our friends bobby and tracee.  they are so awesome.  they gave us so many tips and great advice.  tracee even gave me a tour of her diaper bag since i told her i had literally been having dreams about it.  they had a baby girl this past may so it has been very cool to see everything they have gone through since we will be on the same track next year.  they got us a couple baby outfits and we are so obsessed with them!  they are so cute!!!
BT Clothes
we had a great time in new orleans with family and friends, good food, awesome gumbo (4 bowls of it for me!) and between the shopping, gifts and clothes from loyals three nephews, we come home with so much stuff!
IMG_0751 IMG_0744 IMG_0706 IMG_0753
until next time new orleans


so when it came time to go home, we had a layover in cincinnati.  we got there at 11:30 am and by 4 in the afternoon, we were still at the airport.  omg, it was awful.  apparently the de-icing part of the plane we were supposed to get on may or may not have been working.  they kept delaying our takeoff to run a bunch of tests until they finally canceled it.  meanwhile, the snow kept coming down so we were starting to get a little concerned about whether we would even be able to fly out the next day.  either way, we were staying the night in ohio.  
IMG_0745 IMG_0746
our hotel ended up being right beside a mexican restaurant so that's where we ended up, of course.  we were back at the airport the next morning, exactly 24 hours later.  this time, our plane wasn't broken and we were able to fly out!  whew, thank goodness because this mama missed her sweet little puppies!




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