Tuesday, January 1, 2013

week 21: banana

a little behind...
december 15 - 21, 2012
Week 21
baby is the size of a banana!!!  this is just too cute in my opinion.  apparently little babe is about 8 or 9 inches long which seems so big when i think back to him being a tiny little blueberry!  that seems like yesterday at this point, time is really flying by.
i am feeling so much better.  my cold is going away, thank god.  maybe it was the 4 bowls of soup i ate that one night or maybe it was falling asleep at 8:30, lol.  tomorrow we are going to new orleans for christmas.  super excited about it!  but first, we are going to celebrate our christmas together.  we woke up this morning and showed the pups where santa paws left toys for them under the tree.  that's always fun.  i made chocolate chip & peanut butter pancakes which are loyal's fav.  i even threw some sliced bananas on top for the little guy :)
tonight we are going to buy our little man his outfit to wear home from the hospital.  after that, shopping and dinner at maggiano's.  ooooohhh i can't wait!!!!
here it is...
  Home outfit
merry christmas

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