Wednesday, December 19, 2012

we're sick :(

even though i got a flu shot this year (first time ever actually) i a still got sick.  i really thought i wouldn't but i guess the shot just protected me from the actual flu, not a head cold.  bummer.
being sick while you are pregnant is a different experience.  it's pretty miserable actually.  luckily, i was able to dig out my list of approved medicine that my doctor gave me.  i got some sudafed but i didn't really feel like it was working that well.  aside from that, i couldn't breathe out of my nose at all and my body ached all over.  if that's not bad enough, i would see twinkly stars every time i blew my nose and would pee a little when i sneezed.  awesome.
while i was at the store, i decided to pick up some soup.  the journey down the soup isle reminded me of my favorite soup that i haven't had in a long time!  so easy to make too.
only 3 ingredients...
Soup Ing
you HAVE to get the italian recipe or it will taste very plain, trust me.  and you definitely have to add seasoning, i use ground pepper, italian seasoning, and tony's.  make the vegetable soup like normal, with a can of water.  don't drain the tomatoes, just through it in too.  i usually dice the tomatoes because they are just a little to big for my liking.  cook about a cup of pasta and add that to the soup when it's done cooking.  yum!!!
after 4 bowls of this and falling asleep at 9 last night, i am feeling much better today.

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