Tuesday, December 11, 2012

week 19: it's a boy!

Week 19 (2)
i know i said before that i was hoping for a girl but i am very excited to have a baby boy on the way.  loyal and i were both overwhelmed when they initially told us.  looking back, i think we would have been overwhelmed either way.  
my doctor's appointment was last thursday and they confirmed that we are having a little boy!!!  during our ultrasound he was moving a lot just like last time.  he kept putting his hands up to his face and it was so cute.  they did all of the measurements and said that everything was right on track and looking very healthy.  here are the pics...
19 1
there is an arrow (kinda hard to see) pointed at the "goods"
19 2
getting big!
19 3
19 4
this one took me a while to figure out but it's a close up of the profile.  still trying to figure out whose chin he has.  jay leno's?
so, a little side note...
i think i said in our last post that at our 13 week appointment we had an idea of what the sex was.  the lady doing the ultrasound was pretty much 100% sure that it was a boy and here's why...
this was the ultrasound picture at 13 weeks.
it looked pretty clear to me that it was definitely a boy.  i've still heard so many stories about it not being what you initially thought so i wouldn't let myself be 100% convinced.  even the lady that was walking me back to the ultrasound room looked at the picture and said that they all look like boys at 13 weeks.  well that had me really freaked out.  still a boy, thank goodness.  i still think it is pretty amazing comparing the 2 pictures that are 6 weeks apart.  i think i like the 13 week one better. :)
after the ultrasound i saw the doctor.  pretty standard visit with her.  next was the dreaded blood work.  i got myself all worked up and cried a little before she did it.  thankfully, it wasn't that bad.  i say this but i'm sure i'll cry again for the next one.
did anyone notice that i have been using blue for all of these weekly pictures???


  1. Congratulations! My first born was a boy and he was a complete momma baby and still is at 2! A baby boy holds a special place in a mothers heart that no one else can fill! Don't get too worked up over the blood, it's only the beginning! You look wonderful and take care of that sweet baby boy!

    1. Thank you so much! I have heard nothing but great things about little boys that love their mommas!


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