Friday, December 14, 2012

missed signs

as i was organizing some of our baby stuff, i began to realize that i should have known that i would have a boy.  the signs were there, so how did i miss them?  i think i must have just been so wrapped up in my own thoughts.  anyway, i figured i would share.
my sister and i have always had this infatuation with turtles.  ever since we were little, turtles were our thing.  several years ago, my sister and i were buying someone a baby gift and we saw a bib with turtles on it that said "i love my aunt"  couldn't be more perfect!  without much thought, we bought it that day and decided that whoever had a baby first would use it.  well, that turned out to be me and wouldn't you's blue.
a couple years ago, loyal and i were shopping for christmas presents.  we knew we wanted kids one day so when we came across saints pacifiers they immediately went in the basket.  boy or girl, our baby will rep the saints!
but of course, no pink in these.
once i did found out i was pregnant, i started to get little freebes from the doctor's office, maternity store, etc.  (very exciting i must add!)  the first one i got was a pacifier.  blue.
Paci blue
i remember the night before the doctor's appointment when i found out.  i was taking a bath and i remember looking down at my stomach and thinking that my body was changing to carry a boy.  i have no idea why i though that or what it was about my body, maybe that my stomach seemed more round.  i still don't know.  it was a very weird feeling though.  every time we saw our baby move during the ultrasound, i would look at my husband and say "did you see that? he just moved!"  i kept saying he.  every time.  when she finally took a gander down in that direction, i saw it first.  i knew right away it was a boy.
we had planned on doing some shopping as soon as we found out the gender.  we bought one thing, a onesie with pups on it.
it wasn't until i got home and took a closer look that i realized how perfect it was.  it had 3 pups: a big brown one, a medium blue one and a small tan one.  just like ours. :)
i have always wanted to make my own baby blankets.  i would go to the store all the time and look at all of the fabric options.  when the day finally came to buy fabric, i realized that i never really gave the boy patterns much of a look.  it was like i was seeing them for the very first time.
dinosaurs, i love it!  boy clothes and colors have definitely grown on me.  i love buying little things for him.  the clothes are just so cute, especially all of the ones with animals!

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