Wednesday, November 21, 2012

weeks 15 & 16: naval orange and avocado

wow, i guess i have some catching up to do!  i swear, the weeks just keep flying by, which ends up putting me more and more behind.  making these tags and taking pictures the week of is about as far as my pregnant scatter brain allows me to go.  the "pregnancy brain" is another story, so for now...
week 15:
Week 15
this week our little babe is the size of a naval orange, and speaking of oranges...i am eating tons of fruit!  so good!  i usually always have an apple or a banana in my purse, some times both.  i also try to have a fruit smoothie every day and a few other fruit snacks in between.  another snack for me is almonds.  the smokehouse ones, which i would have never bought before i got pregnant.

thanks to my sis for getting this pic :)
week 16:
Week 16
at the beginning of this week i had a doctors appointment.  just a check up, no ultrasound this time. doctor said that everything looked great and the babe was looking very healthy based on the last visit.  she used the doppler thing on my stomach to hear the heartbeat and also some "swooshing" which apparently meant movement.  little babe is moving around in every visit.  little monkey in the making, i can already tell.
and unfortunately we missed our 16 week picture.  what can i say, my life is in the weeds these days.
in other news, i am soooo ready for thanksgiving this year!  we have decided to skip the cooking and go down to atlantic city for dinner and some gambling!  super excited.  and not to mention, we definitely have a lot to be thankful this year.  more on that tomorrow!
see ya then! ;)

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