Thursday, November 1, 2012

week 5 - week 13

i have decided to document my pregnancy, broken down week by week.  i love the idea of being able to look back on all of these memories.  what better way to share them than to blog about it so that friends and family can follow this journey right along with us :)
week 5:
Week 5-2
i found out i was pregnant august 30, 2012.  that story will have to be in another post.  finding out, how i told loyal, etc.  too much for this post.

week 6:
Week 6
one of the first things i noticed right before i realized i was pregnant was that i was beyond thirsty.  it was the weirdest thing.  i would literally down a bottle of water and five minutes later i felt like i hadn't drank a thing in 3 days!  once i found out i was pregnant a couple days later, it made a lot more sense.  i guess that was my first symptom.  aside from being so thirsty, i was absolutely exhausted.  i would wake up in the morning and go straight to the couch.  there were so many nights (and still are) that i have gone to bed at 9pm without brushing my teeth or every changing my clothes.  if you've never been pregnant, don't judge.  the next symptom that popped up for me was pimples.  how annoying.  the third symptom...chapped lips.  extremely chapped!!  let's just say i was already feeling a little overwhelmed about being pregnant for the first time and then feeling like my body was doing things to extremes that normally don't happen, i started feeling a little lost.  i went to the book store, a few of them actually, and stocked up.  i obviously have a lot to learn and i have really enjoyed reading and learning about the changes me and the baby are going through.

week 7:
Week 7
baby is the size of a blueberry.  this could not be more appropriate for this particular week because this week was our first doctors appointment and our first ultrasound!  our appointment was on september 11th, which also marked exactly five years since our first date!  can we say meant to be??!!  i was ecstatic!  anyway, the little babe was just a tiny circle on the screen, our little blueberry!

week 8:
Week 8
so up until this week i had been feeling pretty good.  no morning sickness, no nausea, just super tired.  my mom never had any morning sickness so i just assumed that was going to be the same for me since i hadn't either at this point.  woah, i was wrong!  we went to new orleans for a weekend to share the news with his family.  we did a lot of celebrating and a lot of eating.  sunday night, the night before we left, i was feeling so full and uncomfortable.  the next morning was even worse.  we had a super early flight (6am) so i just figured maybe it was because i was up so early.  we get to the airport and i start feeling even worse.  once we were through security i went to the bathroom to collect myself and instead, i got the airport, right before our flight.  lovely.  i cleaned myself up, got a sprite and starting feeling a lot better.  super, that was it!  ummmm, wrong.  we board the plane and i start feeling yucky again.  then the plane starts to taxi down to the runway and i start feeling reeeaalllllly bad.  oh no, here we go again.  yep, right as our plane starts barreling down the runway i had my head in loyal's lap and my face in the "sick bag."  ugh, talk about the absolute worst situation i could ever be in.
update:  once we got home i felt much better and that was about it for the morning sickness.  thank god.

week 9:
Week 9
one quick realization i had, pretty much right away, was no more drinking.  this didn't really bother me at all until i realized that i got pregnant right before football season and i would no longer be having my usual bloody mary on sunday game days.  booo.  how embarrassing ordering a "virgin" bloody. :(

week 10:
Week 10
ahhhh i was so excited to have a "bump."  this week i could still button my pants but sitting down was becoming quite uncomfortable, especially at dinner.  so uncomfortable that i would unbutton my pants at the dinner table when we were out to eat and then try my best to either button them under the table or awkwardly get up and attempt to "nonchalant" button them standing up.  that wasn't really working so finally i decided to just do the rubber band thing.  that turned out to be magical!  it expands and contracts as needed...and A LOT less awkward. 
loyal is so sweet.  he nailed it with this pic on our first and only try. :)

week 11:
Week 11
so this week started out in new orleans since we were in the middle of our journey back to atlanta.  i luckily started getting some energy back which was good because we spent every day running around.  i haven't had any cravings yet but while we were in new orleans we stopped to look at a menu trying to pick a restaurant to eat at in the quarter.  right before i looked at it i remember wishing that they had french onion soup.  sure enough, they did!  we sat down at the table and i ordered a water and a bowl of french onion.  loyal and my sister looked a little surprised that i was ordering so fast but i was starving...for soup.  i think i talked about how good it was the rest of the night.  i kept saying that i could have had two more bowls!  i guess this was officially my first craving!
update: still craving french onion soup

week 12:
Week 12 Preview
we are back in atlanta and now we need a new doctor.  shouldn't be too hard right?  wrong.  first i had to find a doctor that had availability THIS week so that i could do the testing for down syndrome (usually done between 11 and 13 weeks, which was quickly approaching).  second, i had to have my records sent.  on my second attempt, i found an office who would take me and was able to squeeze me in but getting the records turned out to be a complete nightmare.  it took over a week for me to get ahold of the dallas office, fill out release forms and finally have the records sent over.  once that happened, my new office here had to review them, accept me AND THEN schedule an appointment.  i was starting to panic but thankfully, there were able to fit me in.  whew!

week 13:
Week 13
our doctors appointment was right in the middle of the week.  i couldn't wait to meet the staff and see the baby again.  we fell in love with the staff, they are so awesome!!!  seeing the baby was a very surreal experience.  i will be out of the first trimester at the end of the week so if everything looked good at this appointment we could go ahead and make the announcement.  as soon as she got the ultrasound up on the screen, little babe jerked its head back and was wiggling all over the place!  i couldn't believe it.  it was so amazing seeing the baby move around, i got tears in my eyes immediately.  after that, we heard the heartbeat and it was just pumping away.  she did the testing she needed to do and everything looked good. 
IMG_0277 IMG_0279
incredible seeing how much little babe has grown :)



  1. This post is adorable hun!! I love that cute little baby picture! I can't wait to meet that cute little babe and give it lots of kisses! Xoxo LOVE!!

  2. I am so freaking thrilled your back to blogging ESPECIALLY now that you're pregnant! I'm so excited to read through your experience and how fun cause I just popped my little babe out. But honestly, this is totally making me want to be pregnant again!!

    1. omg I am so happy to be blogging again! Thank god I am finally out of the lazy stage. I couldn't even find the energy or desire to turn my computer on, much less think about blogging!


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