Thursday, November 29, 2012

week 18: boy or girl?

i usually like to wait until saturday to do my weekly post so that i can put my picture in it but i couldn't wait! 
Week 18
one week from today i will be at the doctor looking at the little babe in my belly.  i can't wait!  at the last ultrasound we had they told us what they "think" it is.  i can't 100% percent accept it until this ultrasound just because i've heard so many stories along the lines of "oh just kidding, it's actually not a girl/boy!  hope you didn't buy anything yet!"  i couldn't even imagine. soooo, we will wait one more week.  other than the ultrasound, i think this will be a regular visit.  a lot of poking around at my stomach aaaaannd...the dreaded blood work.  i hate having my blood drawn so much, i could cry right now just thinking about it.  hopefully it will be quick.
this tag is by far my favorite!!!  i am honestly obsessed with it!  i usually buy the ribbon closer to the week of so that i can coordinate it with whatever the tag says.  i saw this ribbon when i was buying the ribbon i used for loyal's "we're pregnant present"...
BW Ribbon
i just had to have it.  so, i bought both!
right there in the middle of the store my mind started racing with all of these ideas for baby stuff.  it was then, at five weeks, that i planned out this particular tag.  finally, it came to life!

well, i have always wanted a girl first.  i don't know why but i just have.  i do want a boy but i also want two little girls just like me and my sister. :) i have definitely warmed up to the idea of either.  just going to let whatever happpens happen the way it's supposed to.  we have names picked out for both and i have a collection of boy and girl things that i have fallen in love with.  here are a few of the things that inspire...
Baby girl Baby Boy

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