Sunday, November 25, 2012

week 17: thanksgiving

Week 17
i started feeling a little bit of movement inside my tummy this week!  i wasn't sure at first.  everyone kept asking if i felt "flutters" but i didn't.  what i experienced was more like bubbles popping or popcorn.  luckily, i happened to be reading one of my pregnancy apps and this is what it said...
What will those first movements feel like?
Women have described the sensation as being like popcorn popping, a goldfish swimming around, butterflies fluttering, a tapping sensation, and bubbles.
yay!! that described what i was feeling exactly so i was very reassured after i read that.  i usually felt something if i were sitting down shortly after i ate and ONLY if i were focusing on it.
well since these tiny little movements had me thinking of popcorn all week, how could i resist?
seriously i wait all year for these.  yum.

i fell in love with the picture i used for this week.
i just have to share the full one.

in other news, for thanksgiving this year we decided to go to atlantic city for the evening.  we initially intended to go in the afternoon and hang out at the casinos for a little while before dinner but loyal ended up having a lot of paper work to do.  oh well.  we ate at ruth's chris this year.  everything was great...until we forgot our leftovers.  bummer.  and then realized on the way home that we didn't even get a picture together.  double bummer.

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