Tuesday, November 6, 2012

week 14: halloween

Week 14
this week went pretty smooth, in terms of pregnancy that is.  well, it started out that way at least.  the beginning of the week we were getting ready for halloween.  we went to burt's pumpkin farm in north georgia to get our pumpkins.  i insisted on driving to that particular farm because i heard how awesome it was.  loyal couldn't understand why we would drive over an hour to get something we could "just pick up at the grocery store."  umm, no.  burt's was pretty awesome.  they had literally thousands of pumpkins, some over 100 lbs, just like the website said.  it was pretty cool and it definitely got me excited to bring the little babe here!
Pumps 2 Pumps 3 Pumps Small pumps Corn Me
luckily the vision i had in mind for my pumpkin family turned out perfect, just what i had pictured!  but, come halloween our plans had been turned upside down and instead of going to a friends house to hand out candy, we spent the entire day driving from atlanta to richmond, virginia. :/ the drive was long and tiring but we made it.  throughout the rest of the week i kept getting bad headaches.  i was thinking it was the start of a cold but the cold never came.  finally i did some research and sure enough, at the start of the second trimester headaches are very common.  yep, that's this week.


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