Monday, November 26, 2012

thanksgiving: crock pot chicken

as i said in my previous post, we went to ruth's chris for thanksgiving and forgot our leftovers.  i had been waiting all week to stuff my face with thanksgiving food for a couple days so i was completely bummed when i realized that would not be happening.  i had to pick up some chicken the next day at the store and while i was there i passed a big display of thanksgiving cooking items.  the second i saw the box mix for stuffing, and it happened to be for chicken rather than turkey, i was sold.  my plans changed immediately.  i still bought chicken, but this time i bought a whole chicken rather than breasts like i usually do.  stuffing, carrots and gravy to go with and i already had some leftover potatoes in the fridge.  oh did this meal hit the spot for me.
crock pot chicken:
6-8 hrs cook time
i diced up an onion and a few stalks of celery and threw it in the crock pot along with baby carrots.  i drizzled a little evoo onto the chicken, seasoned it and threw it right on top.
cook on low for 8 hours.
{i did mine on high for 5 or 6ish}
unfortunately i don't have a picture of the whole chicken when it was done because i was way beyond the "ready to eat" phase.  the chicken came out great, much better than i expected.  mine was a little dry on top, i think because i cooked it on high.  the meat on the inside, and especially the bottom, was oh so tender and juicy!!!
i threw out the celery but the carrots and onion turned out awesome, as they always do.  as i said before, the potatoes were leftovers.  now the stuffing turned out much better than i had expected.  i didn't get my hopes up about the 5 minute box kind but, with some gravy on top...perfect!
fyi: i had this for lunch AND dinner the next day too :)



  1. So question, I have a crockpot that you have inspired me to finally start using and I notice you use a plastic bag. Do you just buy those at the store and toss them? It seems odd to me to have plastic cooking for 8 hours though.... right?? I may need to try that, because cleaning that bad boy is a huge ass pain. PS this looks amazing. I may need to start making my chicken like this. I always buy a roasted chicken from the store and have it for the week, but it's always sooo salty!

    This was the worlds longest comment... sorry!

    xoxo Jessica

    1. Yes!!! I love them! So easy and to me they are worth the money.


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