Thursday, November 15, 2012

jersey shore spaghetti

so sunday afternoon, my sister and i were watching an episode of jersey shore.  i couldn't even tell you what happened in the entire episode but what i can tell you is that snooki made spaghetti.   jersey shore style spaghetti.  oh my goodness, i have not stopped thinking about it ever since.  HAD TO HAVE IT.
let me start by saying that i am NOT a spaghetti mixer.  i actually hate mixing my noodles and my sauce together.  hate it.  another thing i never do i buy angel hair pasta.  i prefer thicker noodles.  i have always been this way...until now, apparently.  snooki used angel hair and mixed hers up before serving it.  the entire bowl.  and it looked so delicious.  so, i did the same!
normally i serve the noodles and the sauce separate and let everyone make their own plate.  like so...
homemade meatballs and sauce are always a hit too.  recipe found here.  unfortunately, i am now pregnant, tired and way to hungry to have time for all of that so this was just regular ol' spaghetti, ragu and frozen meatballs.  don't judge!

i also realize how different my pictures are now.  yikes.


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