Friday, November 9, 2012

a day in DC

while we were in maryland earlier this week, we decided to take a day trip down to washington, dc.  it was only about an hour away and neither of us had been.  it was definitely a cool city.  we parked and walked everywhere.  so much walking.  it reminded me of new york city based on all of the walking.  we didn't want to be gone too long and were trying to avoid driving back after the sun went down (which didn't happen) so needless to say, we did a super quick tour/overview of the main sites.
first up...the white house:
1 2 3
this was our first view of the white house.  we kept saying how we remember it looking a lot different and this was not at all what we expected.  we finally figured out that this was the back of it.  oopsie.

can't remember the name of this next building but we really loved it:

loved this too:

the front of the white house:
now this is more like it ;)
once we made it around to the front there was a huge amount of people in front of the gate, which is what we would have expected (not the 2 other couples around back)

washington monument:
thanks to the awkward angle that loyal captured, i look huge and weird :/

world war II memorial:

i love this picture, one of my favorites:
washington monument, reflecting pool & the capital

lincoln memorial:
loyal was super excited to see this.  it was pretty much all he talked about.

here is another shot (from my phone) of the washington monument, taken from the top of the lincoln memorial.
in this pic you can clearly see why it's called the "reflecting" pool.  so cool!

lastly, on the walk back to the car, a got this shot of the US capital:
i really wish we had gone to see this building but we were just way too pooped from all the walking.  not to mention, mama and the little babe were starving!  oh well, next trip.

after we got back to the car we drove over to the shoppes at georgetown park.  amazing!!! we absolutely loved it!  it was such a cool little area.  so much shopping and eating and site-seeing to do.  we definitely want to go back when we have more time.  we just grabbed a quick dinner before driving back.

georgetown cupcakes:
as seen on TLC, "DC Cupcakes"
so cute.  we really wanted to go but it was way to cold to wait in that way!

that's about it.  we had a great day in DC and can't wait to visit again!


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