Saturday, October 27, 2012

baby on the way, yay!!!

i don't even know where to begin!  we are beyond excited and so relieved to finally share the news with everyone!  


i love the way our announcement turned out, but...i had other plans for our picture.  for starters, i wanted both of us to be in the pic.  my sister was taking it and we didn't have much time because she was at work.  we tried and tried...different angles, different poses, different spots...nothing was working.  the only thing that was working was the appetite we both worked up taking all of the bad pics.  so, we took a time out and went next door for some tacos.  that seemed to be the trick.  once we were finished my belly was big and full, i rearranged the set-up, tried one last time and we nailed it in basically the first try.  looking back, this was a much better idea than the initial plan.
(just took some tacos to figure that out!)

i even love the unedited pic before i cropped it

i have so much i want to share with everyone about our pregnancy journey.  i am 13 weeks today so getting caught up may take a little while.  as for now...

our little babe is due:
may 4, 2013

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