Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the boyfriend tee

now if there is one thing i absolutely love from Target, it's the boyfriend tee.  these came out a few years ago and i get new one's every year and wear them religiously...running errands, grocery store, cleaning, sleeping...the list goes on.  so comfy!  this trip to target though, they seemed much softer than last year AND they were on sale for $5!!!  get outta town, i'll take 4 :)
Boyfriend tee
i got 2 regular v-neck's and 2 scoop neck.  love both.
so as i'm going to get my camera after i arranged the shirts on the floor i come back to find this little munchkin... Lilly
on another note...
i have been busy working on my invitation business.  i picked a new name, redeisgned the logo (again) and FINALLY submitted everything to register the business.  once i hear back that everything is good to go it will be time to launch!
so excited!!!
here is a little preview of the logo i have been working on
the rest is coming soon! (i mean it this time)


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