Friday, August 24, 2012

atlanta trip

a couple of months ago i planned to surprise my sister by flying into atlanta for her birthday.  talk about a difficult secret to keep.  once it got to the week of i almost had to cut off all communication.  i kept catching myself thinking "oh, i'll just show you when i get there."  i pulled it off and omg she was so surprised!!!  the day before i flew in she told me that she almost cried because all she wanted was to have birthday margaritas with us like we always do.  so that very next afternoon, the day before her birthday, that's exactly what we did.
Pure Taqueria, Inman Park:
Margarita's Me and Kel 2
oh i had been craving these tacos since i booked my ticket!
her boyfriend/not really sure what they are...isn't he so fab!
Garrett All three
my sister had to work that night so i went out with the girlfriends to celebrate another birthday.  i swear it was everyone's birthday this weekend!

Girlfriends Me and Ali Me and Jess Girls
sunday was kelli's actual birthday so i spent the entire day with her.  i miss hanging out with her so much :(
Me and Kel Kels
it was so great to see everyone but i think my favorite part of the trip was just hanging out with my sister doing nothing.  we always laugh so much and honestly have the best time together.  my last day in atlanta i had lunch with my sister and some friends before i had to leave for the airport.
Tin Drum:
Basil Fried Rice
Tin Drum
oh how i missed this place too.  it is only in atlanta and i used to eat there at least once a week before i moved.  i could never resist.

til next time atl...
this sweet little boy missed his mommy :)

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