Tuesday, July 24, 2012

top 5: healthy habits

i try to do these 5 things every day.  i may miss one or two but for the most part, they are a staple in my everyday routine.

1. breakfast smoothie
i literally can not start my day with out one, it just wouldn't be the same.  i occasionally switch up ingredients but what i have going right now is pretty awesome.

3/4 cup water
1/4 cup vanilla soy milk
4 ice cubes
1 banana
1/4 cup oats
1/2 cup non-fat plain yogurt
(i add one packet of splenda to the yogurt)
1 cup blueberries
sometimes i'll throw in some fresh fruit if i have it

2. green tea
green tea is really good for you.  i love to drink this in the afternoon, usually after i eat lunch, while i'm working on crafts, blogging or something of that nature.  i drink decaf and i usually add 1 splenda and some honey.

3. post workout protein
i try to work out or exercise 4-5 times a week.  the second i walk out of the gym i am craving the peanut butter toast.  maybe it's because i built up an appetite at the gym but i am usually racing home to eat this.  follow it up with a cup of hot green tea...yum.
3 egg whites
1 slice whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter

4. vitamins
every morning i drink an emergen-c.  i pretty much always buy the super orange but the pink lemonade is good too.  if i stay on top of drinking one a day i rarely get sick.  it's usually when i forget to take them on vacation with me that i come home with a cold. :/

every night i take a multi-vitamin before i go to bed.  a couple of years ago my hair was not growing fast enough so my hair dresser recommended taking a prenatal vitamin.  so that's what i did and i've been taking them ever since.  i always take it with a cup of milk.  evidently you are supposed to have taken prenatal's for 3 months before you get pregnant so whenever that happens i'll be good to go.  pretty much a win-win situation if you ask me.

5. water
i try to drink a lot of water all day, every day.  i usually start off with a glass of cucumber water first thing in the morning and then i continue drinking water the rest of the day.  i hate feeling dehydrated and in this texas summer heat, that can happen way to easy.  water is soo good for you, your health, your skin, etc.
stay hydrated people!


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