Tuesday, July 31, 2012

italian chicken: "slow cooker sunday's"

i love making pasta salad during the summer.  i always take it to parties or get-togethers and it is usually a big hit.
here is an awful pic i took with my phone last year.  pasta salad is on the bottom right.

i was craving it this past weekend, but definitely not craving all of the pasta.  so i left it out.
Vegetable Salad

cherry tomatoes
green bell pepper
red bell pepper
black olives
sharp cheddar cheese
salt & pepper
italian seasoning or oregano
italian dressing
{i always use the wish bone brand}

this dish is so good with, or without the pasta (obviously much better with).  you can add or leave out any veggies you want.  i have noticed that a lot of people who aren't usually a fan of celery and especially radishes don't mind them in this dish.  you can't really taste them and they add a nice crunch.


slow cooker sunday's:
vegetable salad {plus chicken}
2 hours cook time
Veg Salad plus Chicken
i didn't want the vegetable salad to go to waste so i cooked some chicken in the slow cooker and added it to the salad.  really simple, really easy, & really good!

chicken breasts
italian dressing

clean chicken
season with italian (i also seasoned with a little tony's).  pour italian dressing over chicken.
cook on low for 2 hours or until cooked throughout

remove and serve when ready.
veg salad chicken 2

i like this dish in the summer.  i find it difficult to eat a lot of veggies in the summer because they just seem more wintery.  this way they are raw, cold and delish...works for me!

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