Friday, July 20, 2012

fav free fonts

ok, so i have downloaded one or two fonts before but i am now officially obsessed!  i've seen a lot of pins on pinterest about "free fonts" and it always seemed easy.  after a lot of research on pinterest i found myself at LOVELY LITTLE SNIPETS blog, which features a lot of fonts including a super easy step-by-step guide for installing found HERE.

so that's what i did. it was easy as can be and i've been busy downloading ever since!

here are my fav's from today...
i found all of these at
BUDMO  MA Sexy  Belta  Callie Hand
Cutie Pop by Megan Toy

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  1. The fonts you've chosen were indeed awesome. Having good fonts in your blog are a factor in your post. Nice.

    Best Regards,
    Bernard Zherge

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