Friday, June 29, 2012

birthday 28

june 26:
being that last year's birthday wasn't so great, i was really looking forward to this year's...even if hubs didn't get home from work until 7:30pm :/

i knew he had to work all day and would be home late so i figured i would fill up my day full of things i loved to do...

every year i get my nails painted with OPI cajun shrimp.  it's such a pretty summery red/orange color and since it usually lasts into fourth of july, it's perfect for both.  the tradition started with celebrating my birthday in new orleans a couple years ago.  this year i decided i was going to change things up a bit and go with a different shade of red.  "i'll take gel polish #26!"  and wouldn't you know, the guy brings out...cajun shrimp, of course.  i guess the tradition continues...cajun shrimp it is.

after my mani & pedi, i headed straight to the mall.  what goes better with freshly manicured nails than a new michael kors watch?!  i have had my eye on this one watch for months now...drooling over it every time i saw it online, buying clothes that would match the watch that i did not yet own and making several trips to the mall to "try it on."  well, since it's my birthday i figured i would treat myself (along with the collection of birthday money i received from my parents...thank you, thank you!!!) ahhh finally, it's mine and i'm in love with it!

let's face it, being that bracelet "stacks" are all over pinterest, they are obviously so in right now.  well, that thought process transpired into searching blog after blog, a trip to hobby lobby, a trip to home depot, back to hobby lobby and quite a few hours of sitting on my living room floor pumping out bracelets.

i'm not going to lie, i did feel a little awkward for a second buying string that i used to buy with my sister when we were in daycare.  and then, what was even more embarrassing was my husband coming home to tell me that he remembered seeing girls make friendship bracelets with the same string back in "grammar school." :/
whatever, that's what's in right now and in my opinion, my stack came out pretty fab if i do say so myself. :)

dinner, finally!
so of course we go to our fav little pizza place, grimaldi's!  so delishious!!!

pizza ~ our fav combo:
pepperoni, mushroom & olive
and last but not least,
sticky toffee cake = omg, amazing!!!

all in all, bday was a great day...couldn't be happier :)


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  1. Happy "belated" birthday! I want to make those bracelets too! I think my mom may still have all the string and beads tucked away somewhere. one weekend I'll have to pretend i'm a kid again and sit out on the lawn and make them. Oh to be 6 again.

    xoxo Jessica


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