Tuesday, May 29, 2012

stuffed peppers: "slow cooker sundays"

slow cooker sundays:
stuffed peppers
5 hours cook time

5 green peppers
1 lb ground turkey
1 onion
1 package of mushrooms
5 medium roma tomatoes
1 bag of 10 min brown rice
1 jar marinara sauce
10-15 basil leaves
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
minced garlic
salt & pepper
tony chachere's seasoning

cut lids off of peppers and set aside (will use later).  remove seeds and ribs of peppers and rinse clean.  dice tomatoes; add salt and pepper, set aside.  cook brown rice and set aside.

heat olive oil in medium pan.  add garlic (to taste).  add diced onion and mushroom.  cook for 10 minutes.  add ground turkey and cook until no longer pink.  once cooked, transfer to large mixing bowl.  add diced tomato, rice, and seasoning (salt, pepper, oregano, you know i always use tony's but you can sub or add what ever else you would like).  once mixed together, spoon into peppers. 

slow cooker:
pour a little marinara into bottom of slow cooker.  (i used a tomato basil marinara)  place stuffed peppers into slow cooker and pour the remaining marinara on top of peppers and all around.  place one basil leaf on each stuffed pepper, sprinkle some oregano and place lid of pepper on top.  sprinkle remaining basil leaves around slow cooker.

cook on low for 5 hours.
remove and serve when ready!


i added diced potatoes after about 2 hours so that they cooked for the remaining 3 hours (only because i was in the mood for potatoes)

hogie sandwiches
all i can say is that these bad boys were to die!!!

i used a multigrain bread (toasted), heated the leftovers, poured some marinara on top and scarffed it down!

other options:
add cheese (mozz, pep jack, etc.)
hamburger buns for sloppy joes



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