Thursday, April 5, 2012

it's official....i'm moving to dallas, tx

a little background:
may 2011

just to catch everyone up...loyal is a catastrophic adjuster for state farm.  in other words, he climbs on roofs everyday to look for hail and wind damage. 
scary, i know...but he loves it!

because loyal is part of the catastrophic team, he goes where there is a significant amount of damage.  may 1, 2011 loyal was deployed to dallas, tx.  we didn't know how long he would been in texas so, i stayed behind to finish school. 

fast forward a year:
april 2012

as it turns out loyal is still in dallas and we have been living apart for almost a year now. call us crazy but somehow we seemed to have made it work.  with all of the crazy storms in dallas the other night, loyal will definitely be there for a while longer. 
semi trucks being launched through the air due to one of the 12 tornadoes that ripped through dallas.  this particular picture was taken in the city that loyal was in at the time.  i would have shit my pants!

so, here i am today...finally approaching graduation and getting ready to move to dallas!  i am beyond excited to live with my husband again and for our little family to be back together.  graduation is on sunday, may 6, 2012 and the following morning my sister and i will pack up the pups and hit the road.  dallas here we come!!!

me and my girls get together every year for cinco de mayo.  so, perfect timing...saturday, may 5 will be my last night out before i leave.
ahhhhh i'm going to miss my girls so much!!!!!

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