Wednesday, February 1, 2012

lexi: one big step

well, so far my style of writting has been pretty short and sweet.  today, a little more meaningful and deep.

meet lexi:

lexi came into my life in august of 2006.  i was looking for a pup to adopt, or save rather.  i had been searching online and decided to make a trip to petsmart one saturday afternoon to meet one pup in particular, "sophie."  there was this sweet little pit bull, so quiet in her crate on the sidewalk.  she was beautiful.  everyone there went straight to her crate, read her information....and walked away.  every time.  sophie was epileptic and required medication twice a day, for the rest of her life.  this may sound like a lot to deal with and i myself wasn't sure if i could do it.  there was just something deep down telling me that this was my dog.  i decided to sleep on it, for a month.  went back. and adopted her. the name just wasn't really for me so sophie became lexi.  i quickly realized that the medication was no big deal at all.  super cheap and super easy.  you just drop it in her bowl of food and she eats it with breakfast and dinner.  perfect!  well, that was the easy part.  at the time of her adoption, lexi was having seizures about once every two weeks.  let me just tell you, seizures are scary.  and there's nothing you can do but wait for them to come out of it.  awful.  so, i did the best that i could to give lex her medicine every day, provide a strict daily rountine and did everything i could do to make her feel as comfortable and safe as possible.  her seizures eventually became less frequent.  was it the medicine?  was it her environment?  we weren't sure.  so, we (when i say we, i'm refering to me and the vet) took a chance and cut down her dose.  we continued to gradually wean her off of her medicine.  from twice a day, to once a day, three times a week, twice a week, and finally to once a week.  everything had been going great and her progress has been fantastic!  medication once a week and as of this month it has been 4 years since her last seizure!  well, about 3 weeks ago lexi decided to stop taking her medicine.  the past 3 weeks, every wednesday, i would pick up her bowl after she had finished eating and it was bone dry...except for the pill.  i couldn't help but feeling like she was telling me that she no longer needed it.  i called the vet and together, we decided to move forward without it.  what a big step.  i must admit, i was nervous.  if she has a seizure, we will start all the way from the beginning.  2 pills a day.  today was the first day that i put her food down without her medicine in it.  i am leaving my fears behind and putting all of my faith into my sweet little lexi with my fingers crossed, tightly. :)



  1. oh my goodness this almost made me cry! I didn't know you were working with Lexi like that! So amazing. Fingers crossed for you and Lexi!

    xoxo Jessica

  2. This made me cry!!!!!!! It's been so long, I completely forgot she was Sophie :( She's the sweetest pup in the entire world because she knows you saved her life! She was so shakey and scared when she first came to her forever home and now she's a whole new sweet lovely pup! Lex couldn't have be any luckier getting you as her mommy! :)


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